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This is the first show that actually got its second season reviewed first. Granted Magi, and Love Live are also going to be reviewed. Anyway second season onwards are going to be done a little differently compared to other reviews. It will maintain the same structure, but the character portion will only focus on two main characters or characters that changed a lot as well as a part that does not affect the score and is my personal opinion on what I thought compared to the previous series. So, without further ado, time to go and review the second season of my favorite Shojo series, will it be better than the first? Also season one review can be found here.


The Plot:

The series continues from where last season left off. (That was an obvious statement) Anyway this season is different compared to the last where it is divided into two major story arcs and a small two part final episode.

The first story arc revolves around Nanami going to Izumo to meet with other gods at the God’s Summit. This is more so she can find a clue, any clue onto what happened to Mikage and his whereabouts. At the same time once there she is tasked with going to make sure no Yokia disturbs the pathway to the underworld. There she meets with Akura-Ou, and unbeknownst to her she does not know his real identity of a former powerful Yokia and friend to Tomoe.

The second arc deals with Nanami helping  Kurama in his home village after the elder apparently became ill and one of the Tegue are trying to take over.  There she discovers that there is a much larger mystery then what there appears to be.

The final arc deals with Nanami relieving the past few years of her life giving more of a back story for her then anything. This was only an episode and a half.


The Characters:

For a fuller list go to the season one review here.


Nanami: She is still the same as last season. At the same time this time around she has matured a little bit. She was able to create a Shinigami for herself as well as more information about her earlier days and some information about her mother was known. She also starts to at least not be in as much love as she was for Tomoe and has taken to the idea of it being just mutual and how they could not be together.nanami


Tomoe: Same old Fox Yokia, at the same time his earlier days were explained a bit into what he did before he became a familiar. As the season progresses he develops feelings for Nanami, but wishes to keep it a secret knowing it would only hurt her in the end.



Everything else:

I really did like this season. For whatever reason I did not want to watch the last episode, which is mainly why this review took so long to come out, when it was originally planned to come out a lot sooner. Anyway the characters that were introduced as well as expanding on the ones that were already there were done well. Personally my only fear is if this season will be forgettable much like season one was all that time ago. At the same time her friends that made a lot more of an appearance in season one only showed up in one episode, and of the two it was only one of them, so they got sort of left out big time.


Bonus and Minus Points:

+ Split into three distinct arcs which can give the sense of completion

? I would like a third season, just because.

+ Still as enjoyable as the first season

– One plot point was not fully finished, but I have no idea where or if it was finished in the manga. Another season would be necessary to complete that story line.

+ Gives off the feel that this could be a final episode, and there is no need for more.

– It was a little weird with the final episodes dealing with Nanami’s past, although it was following the manga, I kind of wish it was earlier

+ Different from season 1 an. pulls it off well.


Compared to Season 1:

I think this season is a lot better than season one.  In season one there was only really a single story arc that could be pulled out of it, which actually hinted at the fact about the relationship with the eye, if anyone remembers and how it being in Nanami. Anyway, this season changed things up and pulled it off. Some shows the second season they do the same thing. I liked the multiple episodes for a story arc, it seemed fitting for this series and it pulled it off well.


The Score:

80/100 As of right now

70/100 if it becomes forgetful like season 1 if season 3 ever happens and I want to go back and watch it once more.

Funimation has licensed this series in North America. It is also being dubbed as well, although at the time of writing this not all episodes are out dubbed.

So, yeah. The people who watched this series what did you think?



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– Joe