So, like the last few times, blah, blah, blah, plot than thoughts, then what else I watched as per usual.


So, this girl. Sakura Mamiya can see spirits. One day in class she sees a boy dealing with a spirit. At first she thought it was a classmate, until no one else saw him. The following day he comes to class, and everyone can see him. Eventually she learns that he is a Shinigami and deals with helping spirits crossover to the after life.

a reason
Only Photo I took, I sort of forgot and am only now realizing this two weeks later.

My thoughts:

I enjoyed it. I will also recommend it to people who like InuYasha, since it is created by the same person. It defiantly has a similar feel and I hope it goes beyond that feel for the 25 episodes this series is getting. By the time this went up I already saw episode 2 and enjoyed that as well. So, this well definitely be an interesting series to watch.

Score: 5/5  Yeah, this is my personal opinion if I will watch it or not.


What else:

I have no idea why I took this picture. It was awhile ago.

Etontama: Cat girl + any other type of girl = this show. At the same time in a way since it deals with the zodiac, and there happens to be a single male character now dealing with the conveniently all female zodiac and cat girl it is like a super harem. Granted although the battle was cool, the super moe and CGI brought it down, I did enjoy it though, so I will probably keep.

Punchline: All I have to say is that I need to watch another episode to know if I will continue or not. I did however like the transformation joke, that I thought was funny.

High School DXD BorN: Honestly have yet to see the first two episodes yet. Does not change the fact I know I will like it. So yeah. This is my guilty pleasure, although I can only stand watching it when it is censored.

Ore Monogatari!!: In all honesty I started watching this after episode 2 aired and well I really wanted to watch episode 3, only problem it is not out until next week. I really did like it, it has a certain feel to it and I am not sure what to really expect since this is going to be a romance series. I have seen more comedy parts and well I like how they are not jumping right in, it was an intresting first two episodes and hopefully I will keep it for the next 2o.



The next part will be me discussing if I am still watching the shows. This will be out when they all reach around episode 6 or 7.