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Comedy is something that is different for everyone. It is a thing about enjoyment. What you find funny and what I find funny are two different things. The same could be said about just about anything, what you enjoy and what do I enjoy. Simply because this one is focused on anime, and this blog being a dominantly anime and manga related content, although I wish to add more comic related content and I am just unsure how. Anyway that was getting off topic. So, here are the personal top five comedic characters in anime and manga, what are yours?

Number 5: The Entire Cast of Teekyuu

I recently started to watch this series two weeks ago and with it being just a simple two minute long series it is easy to catch up in one sitting providing you have auto-play on. Anyway, for although there series has given me a few chuckles here and there I cannot really narrow it to just a single character. All of them are silly and comedic in their own way. With the fact it is only a two minute long series, with about twenty seconds for the opening, there is not much time to decide who exactly is the funnier of the two. I will say I have seen a lot of comedy series, it is just this one is more recent so the characters are easier to pick out over the other, that and the top three can be found in my top fifteen favorite anime series since they are comedies that I know and still can remember just thinking about it.


Number 4: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent from Baccano!

This one is impossible to do one without the other. I remember these characters despite seeing this series. I would like to say maybe within the first year of watching anime, so back in 2012 or maybe early 2013. So, it is a long time ago. Still the fact that I can remember them, and the fact I loved their cameo in Dararara!! (Despite later stopping at episode 14 since I was struggling to watch it and still wish to continue). They are never really seen apart from each other. Even then although they could easily be funny by themselves, they are a lot funny together. Their humor relies on the two being together, and it is just overall better that way. Since I could remember these characters from all that time ago, I really wish I could put them higher on this list.

miria and isaac

Number 3: Chitose Karasuyama from D-Frag!

Again, I find it a little weird this is starting to mimic the end like the last Top Five. Anyway, I really like her over the other characters in terms of comedy in this series. She really is questionable. She is the school president of the student council, which in all honesty how. She has random tendencies to dig traps. She is also known to still build sandcastles. So, she really does not seem fitting to be the president with the fact she does things that other anime student council presidents would not do.


Number 2: Shino Amakusa from Seitokai Yakuindomo

The only person that could trump Chitose from D-Frag for the student council president in terms of questionable means is Shino. There is a reason why I can this series, and I am sure other people do to, s*x jokes the animation. Most if not all of her jokes relate to it in some way or another. I do not think I need to say more seeing that this is one thing that is better seen then told.shino

Number 1: Sakata Gintoki from Gintama

Do I need to say it? Anyway with the amount of parodies and everything else that this guy does I really enjoy. I did mention I am watching the new episodes as they air while at the same time watching the old episodes as well while I catch up. I really do enjoy this series, and although sometimes when he is not present it is a little weird. At the same time the series is still enjoyable when he is not acting in some comedic way but as a heroic way. I do not think if any of the other characters on this list did what he has done, they could not pull it off. I am really thinking about the Benizakura arc, where you see a completely different side, a more serious side and he pulls it off, which is wonderful.

gintama stuff

So, I will end it here, since this is the final Top Five for April 2015 that relates to comedy. The next Top Five will be about Superheroes to go with the theme for next month, so yeah finally comic related material.

Anyway, who would be in your top five comedic characters?

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Posting this I realized that this is my 100th post. I wanted to do something special, but I guess that will be my 101st post then.

– Joe