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So, you might be wondering a few things why is this only coming out now when episode five just aired? Why is it covering 3 and 4? If this is a weekly review why is it not coming out weekly? Well, about that. I am going to be cutting back on my posts, to at least two a week during the summer. The second being I wanted to try something different, since these weekly reviews are a work in progress so I want to try doing two episodes instead of one. So when summer comes I can cover two different series on an every other week schedule? That is if I like the method for covering two episodes at once there are also going to be minor changes in the set up compared to the first two episodes. Another thing being busy with school I am only watching episode 3 the day after episode 4 went up and started to write this to prepare it a week in advance since like I said I want to stick to my schedule for when posts come out. So, I am sorry for the delay and I hope you understand. I will say at the end of this post if I will keep the two episode format and without further ado time to start.

Also it is not like that I only have one means to watch this show that allows me to take images and the site for the played has been lagging even when it is not in HD. As for when it is in HD it lags a lot. It also starts in HD as well so it is a slight pain. There is also the fact that I may be writing this part a week after writing the above section and only watched episode three at this time thanks to final exams and the 12 page paper I needed to do but enough about that and now it is really time to start.

Episode 3 Review:

Since I am doing two ep, and I actually stopped midway through this one for an hour since one show I was watching had its season finally, this part will be much shorter compared to others.


ep 3 1
Just realized I only took 1 picture from episode 3, there was not many parts that looked good to take one.

So with episode two dealing with Ito and her joining the Supernatural Studies Club everything seems normal. That is until they find out that the club does not really have a budget. Ito says they could get things that permute the club, or even a television. Then Yamada gets the idea to get a Microwave to heat up his food so he will no longer need to eat cold food. This is agreed on and thus they need to raise the budget and ask the Student Council President to do it. The only problem is that he does not give guys the time of day, and thus body switching occurs. Before long Yamada is then known by the Council President that he switches bodies since he is not like a woman despite looking one on the outside.

The President agrees to raise the budget on the condition that Yamada gets Shirashi to go to college, or at least say that she will. She is the school’s top student, and with the fact she does not want to go to college looks bad for the school. At the same time it is known that whoever gets Shirashi to go to college will look go in the President’s eyes, since someone else is aiming for the position. Yamada still wants the microwave and wants to try again.

The following day Shirashi asks to switch bodies with Yamada. They do and Yamada wakes up only to find out that the body he switched into has a cold. He is then told to go home, and in Shirashi’s body so Shirashi’s home. Him and his friends, (without Shirashi) search the room. Yamada finds a old photograph of Shirashi, where she looked lonely.

Eventually the two meet again and talk. Yamada says that ever since they met he has enjoyed school and is even thinking of going to college. He asks Shirashi if she will go to college with him, and she says yes. The episode ends with them getting the Microwave.

Thoughts for Episode 3: I did enjoy this episode. The introduced an important set of characters. At the rate they are going I can now hopefully say that all the witches will not be introduced this season. My hope is that this will be a split and a second half will be this fall, although I can only guess more so after watching episode 4. Anyway the pace for this episode flowed well, much like the last episode. I really liked that. The Yamada and Shirashi relationship is blooming a little more each episode. With the last one more focused on Ito, this one was a good way to show that she is still the main heroine despite introducing another female lead.

Overall Score episode 3: 75/100 (Mostly because it was still building up the relationship and very little plot wise went forward)


Episode 4 Review:

So, if you did not catch that little other section at the top, well a week has now passed since watching episode 3. There is also the fact that episode 5 just came out, but anyway I do not mind doing this right now, I just do not think I can do this if I watch two episodes back to back. But anyway time to begin.

The Plot:

The episode starts with Yamada and the others going on a school camping trip. Shirarshi, and Yamada switched prior to them getting on the bus. Yamada had to deal with talking to Shirashi’s friends and what not, who turned out to be supper hyper. There is also the fact that thyey brought up how she would only go if Yamada was allowed to be part of their group. Then when Yamada looks back to look at Shirashi, who then gets motion sickness. The opening begins.

Yamada does not get a chance after that to switch bodies, on account for once they get to the place their class is staying at Shirashi wants to rest and there is no private place for them. So Yamada goes and gets dragged alongep 4 1 all day. When he gets back and since he cannot find Shirashi he gets fed up and heads back to the room once realizing that the hyper girls would not let him sleep. He exchanges a few words with Shirashi and they two go on their way.

Yamada is later confronted when looking for something to eat by the student council vice president, Nene Odgairi. She blackmails him for what he did in the previous episode that got Miyamura in the good graces of the student council president. She blackmails him with pictures of him going into Shirashi’s room looking through her things. She does not know that the one in Yamada’s body is Shirashi. Yamada dismisses it at first since it was just looking like he was putting away a book for her, that is until Nene shows a picture of Yamada looking at Shiraishi’s panties.

ep 4 2

Yamada talks to the others in the club about this before ultimately deciding on the obvious which is to kiss Nene and switch bodies so he can delete the evidence. This ultimately backfires when after they do kiss he cannot switch bodies for whatever reason. He tells the others, who then kiss him to double check, and he lost his ability to switch bodies.ep 4 3

A few days passed and back at school it turns out that Miyamura and Ito both somehow have fallen in love with Yamada. Chaos ensues and ultimately he kisses the two again which turn them back to normal. They talk about it, and joke how Yamada now she kiss every girl in the school with the fact his body switching ability just became charm ability. The episode ends with Yamada going to confront Nene only to run into Shiraishi instead.

ep 4 4

Overall Thoughts:

As for episode four, I was actually laughing out loud at some of the jokes for once. It was finally where I remember it in terms of humor. The mystery when dealing with the witches, specifically the second witch is starting to show. At this point I think it is safe to say that not all the witches will be found, unless of course this change come episode 7. But from what looks like happens next episode, it is likely only up the fourth witch might be seen in the show. Personally I am hoping there will be a second half this fall maybe. This episode was finally setting things down the right path.

Overall Score Episode 4: 90/100 (The humor and plot progression was finally showing, I am also a little worried about how much they will cover is starting to fade)

So, yeah. I did not mind doing this. But I am going to try to do this again for episode 5 and 6, which is unless the comments say otherwise. Did you guys like how I did two episodes, or would you prefer it back to being focused on one episode?

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