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Alright, with this month being superhero themed, mostly due to the fact Age of Ultron came out, here is the first post half way through the month that deals with this theme. I was a comic book fan way before I was ever into anime and manga, so I when making this blog I wanted to make it about that stuff too, well I only got 1 posts, well 2 now, out of a little over 100 dedicated to anime and manga. Good news is I have several things planned to go with this month, so there is that. Also with the fact that this Top Five was supposed to come out last week, but a 12 page paper said otherwise this will be a double Top Five. I will be counting down 5 different superheroes and 5 different villains. I would like to add since I am not really into DC Comics, there will be little perhaps none on this list that relate to it, sorry Marvel fan boy is here writing this. I am also doing this different from my last double top five, which was all the way back in January, where it will be two separate lists.


Number 5: Superman/ Clark Kent

I would like to say I do not really know much about Superman. I did see the first three films from the 70s a long time ago. I saw Returns in theaters. The animated series from the 90s I hardly remember, but I did watch Justice League a few years back, prior to getting into anime, and as well as Young Justice, which really needed a third season or should have ended on one.

Anyway enough about that, and the fact that Superman can be a little over powered, there is one main reason that he is on this list. He is here due to the fact that he is a major inspiration. When I think of DC Comics naturally Superman comes to mind. There is also the fact that in everything that I have seen with him he is an inspiration, so many people look up to him. He is a person that people look up to. I do not know how it is in the comics, since I never read any, but it is true in the films and the shows as well.


Number 4: Daredevil/ Matt Murdock

Okay, so partially Daredevil is here since I saw the Netflix series a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I really cannot wait for season 2 next year. Anyway that is not the reason why he is here. In some way like most of the heroes on this list they are here because of what they stand for. Daredevil is probably the greatest example of the fact we can do anything, our weakness is in fact our biggest strength. In case anyone did not know, he is blind and can sort of see by his hearing. He does not let his blindness bother him. I also remember hearing something awhile back how his series is huge in the blind community and has its own personal story-teller to read the comics. I think that is fairly cool. Anyway, it really just comes down to that and how he does not let his own physical weakness get the best of him.


Number 3: Iron Man/Tony Stark

I am not really sure why I put Tony Stark on this list. In both the comics and in films he is the same. He does have a sense of right and wrong and has learned the errors of his ways when it came to Stark Industry’s selling weapons to the bad guys. He does not really stand for much, but at the same time after he learned the error of his ways he wants to make a difference and make people’s lives better by helping them. Still I am unsure why he is here, since that idea is just not strong enough. But for whatever reason it may be he is still on this list.


Number 2: Spiderman/ Peter Parker and Spiderman/ Otto Octavius

I am just going to ignore the fact that about the films, since Spiderman is on here for the comics alone. Sure Spectacular Spiderman and the Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman and his Amazing Friends are some of my favorites. Ultimate Spiderman cartoon was not aimed in any way at longtime fans of Marvel.

Anyway, so two different versions of Spiderman are on here. I got into Spiderman when I heard it was ending at issue 700, and Doc Ock taking over the role of Spiderman in the 32 issue series Superior Spiderman. I have to say it was enjoyable seeing him as Spiderman for a year and a half. He was darker and better,  and straight forward than Peter Parker. He was not afraid to take a life, as seen in issue I believe 6, where he killed a mass murder to save so many more lives. Yes, it was wrong, but Doc Ock twisted way of spinning “When Great Power comes Great Responsibility,” made what he did interesting since he was aiming to be the best hero he could be with his second chance at life after switching bodies with Peter Parker.

Yet, despite this Superior Spiderman nothing can beat the original Amazing Spiderman. The character that started off as a teenager and is now almost 30 in the comics, who played a major inspiration to a lot of people reading comics. (Time changed a lot since Marvel started Spiderman in the 60s) I have been following Spiderman for almost 2 years now, and although I am slowly losing the feeling to read it each month, I still enjoyed all the two years of reading the comics, be it when it was Peter Parker or Doc Ock. At the same time I was also reading Spiderman 2099, so maybe overloading with Spiderman was the cause for this being a little slow.


Number 1: Captain America/Steve Rogers

Although I did read the first few issues with Falcon as Cap, still nothing beats the original in this case. The reason for that is that the first one is a major inspiration to so many different Marvel characters. It is because he is not just an inspiration to people, but the people within the comic universe as well. I remember reading my Marvel Masterworks of Avengers, and Captain America was my favorite when he made his appearance in issue 4.  So, it is a little because he is my favorite, which I am now remembering and questioning how could I forget the fact that Top Fives are dedicated to my favorites, even if they embarrass me, although nothing could embarrass me more than that Magical Girl Top Five I did before people took notice of this blog.



Number 5: Lex Luther

So, Superman’s greatest villain, at least in my eyes, is at the same spot as him. Anyway Lex Luther, again this is coming from the films and the Justice League cartoon and Young Justice. When I was younger I thought he was stupid, all he wants is just to be able to sell retail. So I did not like him. Only really thinking about this list I really gave his character more thought. He is so much more than that. He can blend in and not even look like a bad guy half the time. He can put the Man of Steel on even grounds with him, and so much more. He is also one of the greatest threats to the Justice League and with all their powers they are still put on the ropes by a person with no powers. I may look up to heroes, but I have to give him some credit for being able to do all of this.


Number 4: Ultron

I am talking about the comic version and not the movie version. The film has Tony Starks attitude and is nothing like the comic version that is based on of Hank Pym aka Ant-Man’s persona. I am thinking more of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon, mostly because my first story line dealing with Ultron in the Comics was Age of Ultron which ended with Ultron being defeated permanently, or until a retcon happens aka Secret Wars. Anyway, Ultron is just so much more threatening in the comics. One reason why I did not really like him in the movie is because he joked way too much, again this is due to taking on Tony Stark’s persona. Hank Pym’s Ultron is just so much more threatening and cold. He does not deny the fact that the only way to save humanity is by destroying it. The only way, at least from what I have seen in that one story line and from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is that they beat Ultron with logic. The film was straight out beating him up until he was destroyed.


Number 3: Joker

Ok a part of me wanted to put him on this list since nearly every video game and cartoon series he is voiced by Mark Hamill, and if you do not know how that is I will literally cry. Anyway, besides that it is just how the Joker is. It is really hard to describe him at times there are the dark versions that have been appearing in recent years as well as the cartoon like versions that have been around as well. At the same time both versions somehow work amazingly well with the character. Where some comic book villains technically stay the same throughout it all, Joker changes and it does not matter which type of Joker is in a future film, since I know I will enjoy it regardless.


Number 2: Kang the Conqueror

This is an Avenger’s villain, and personally I was hoping that he would have been the villain for the second film, until it was announced it was Ultron, there was hope for the third, but it looks like that is not happening either. Anyway Kang, I cannot really think of any recent story arcs with him outside of that super long one for Uncanny Avengers that took almost 2 years to do to the point where I was thinking of dropping the series. Anyway, again some of this relates to the comics that I read with him in the Marvel Masterworks, others deal with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon which lasted for 52 episodes before changing to Avenger’s Assemble. Anyway he is a time traveler. Sometimes an alternate version will show up to direct heroes down the right path. Kang however is stated in his name a Conqueror, he wants to control the galaxy, but something in the pasts makes Earth different from other planets and is ever-changing. He goes back and tries to put a stop to it time and time again so he can stay in control. I believe, although I could be wrong, he is from the 32nd century. I am now looking that up, it is the 30th century. Also I forgot to mention he is a decedent of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic.


Number 1: Doctor Octopus/ Otto Octavius/ Superior Spiderman (Hero)

So, he is technically on this list twice, weird. Well, a part of this goes back to when I was talking about him when he was Spiderman. As a villain he has held the world hostage, which was the events that led up to the final issue of Spiderman. Even then in his dying body he managed to switch bodies with Spiderman, his greatest enemy in order to live on. Now, I could argue that Green Goblin is Spiderman’s greatest Villain, but it is hard to say, but I would even put Doc Oct at number one. He was even able to put Ultron on the ropes for a bit when he was in Spiderman’s body, trick the Avengers to thinking nothing was wrong, and everything else. Even when he realized Peter Parker gained his body back in Spiderverse he still went down fighting. As a hero I do give him credit, since the final issue he willingly gave Peter back control knowing he could not beat Green Goblin knowing he did something wrong and was not cut out to be a hero, after that was when he really died. He might have been a villain that could do so much, but as a hero he was equally respectable in the end as the Superior Spiderman.


So, yeah I finally did a post for Superhero month, only took about half a month to do it. At least there is several more planned discussions and Top Five’s related to the subject and even a comic issue review that will start (It’s Secret Wars). All Characters belong to there awesome companies.

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