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Well, I am back, and I am just going to say that I am thinking of going back to the old format of it being one episode per review instead of two. I do like the convenience of two episodes, but the problem I have is not when it comes to writing this, but watching the show. Episode 6 aired a few days ago and episode 5 aired over a week ago. At the time of writing this, the day before I post it, I just watched episode 5 and have yet to watch episode six. Then again I want to write my thoughts on episode 5 before I forget when watching episode 6. Anyway, I hope by going back to just a single episode I can watch the show without waiting almost two weeks before watching the next two. So, episode 7, unless of course I have changed my mind will be a single episode review. So, without further ado, time to get started.

Episode 5 Review:

So, with the last episode being the whole thing and me now not remembering much other than the fact that the comedic elements were finally showing itself as well as the fact that Yamada thought he lost his power. The episode starts with him trying to find Nene, and I am only using that name for her due to conveyance. Anyway, while he is wondering around the school trying to find her. While Yamada is searching Shirarshi stops him asking to switch bodies.

ep 5 1

It then switches to Nene as she talks about her ability to charm people. For starters she was wondering why it did not work on Yamada. She goes around to try to find him, only had no luck what so ever.

ep 5 2

It goes back to Shirashi and Yamada who kiss and switch bodies. She was at first worried about the fact that maybe Yamada did not want to switch anymore. Yamada explained the problem to her. But Nene saw the two kiss. She then discovered the fact that her charm power somehow affected her and she begins to cry realizing that she loves Yamada, but clearly he and Shirashi are a thing.

Meanwhile Shirashi explained to Yamada the fact his power changed is due to the fact his ability is to copy other abilities. Shirashi is the one that can switch bodies and Nene is the one with the Charm. Before she can say more Ushio kicked Yamada and the two fight.

A flashback occurred and it showed the two were friends in the first year of high school. (It left out the fact that they were also friends in middle school and knew each other back then as well.) Yamada after being a little stubborn decides to help fix the problem. It was then revealed with another flashback that the reason for the two no longer being friends as well as the reason Yamada had no friends and was alone at the start of the series was due to Nene.ep 5 3

After the problem was fixed, Yamada was given a book that talked about the fact that there are other witches out there, which are the students that have powers.  The episode soon ends after a short talk between Yamada and Ushio.

My thoughts:

Well looking at the images I saw for episode 6 as well as now knowing the fact episode seven is going to deal with the forth witch, well this series is being rushed. This episode gave that feel too. It felt as though a lot more could have been done between the two characters. It even feels as though more was done in the manga from what I vaguely remember. I know by what episode 7 is call, that arc should be hopefully two episodes, but even then this series is going to be rushed which is a little sad. Anyway, the episode was somewhat enjoyable despite this. I just wish it did not have that feeling of being rushed.

Score: 75/100 (Mostly because of the signs that it is starting to be rushed, major plot happened which was a bonus)

Episode 6

ep 6 2

Well, to sum up this episode with two things, first being Beach Episode, the other being the fact that the third witch appeared and problem was solved. Anyway time to talk about the actual episode.

So besides the school teasing some of the students by making supplementary classes at the beach, Yamada of course needing to take them, the group is there to try to find the second note book to learn more about the witches.ep 6 1

Yet they have to wait in order to get into the club room in the area, since the teacher who has the key is not there. Which means Beach Episode time. Although that is only for a few moments. Yamada is then in class trying to study, while the others are also failing in that class.

ep 6 3

Yamada and Shirashi switch bodies. Shirashi is in the class the next day and is acing it. The only girl in that class Kisses her so they can be seen as friends. This was later revealed that it would be so her telepathy would work. Shirashi knew she was a witch by the fact her body switch power did not work. Events happened to the point where I am getting lazy writing the review for this episode mostly because it is that straight forward. Yamada goes through training with telepathy, before ultimately the next test happens and they all pass. Not much happened, and even when they could get into the club room nothing was there, so Miyamura assumed the only one who got the notebook was the president.

Overall Thoughts:

Like I said this episode was really straight forward and felt kind of rushed. At the same time if this was split into two episodes then well it would be too stretched. Personally this series no matter how much I look at it now will be rushed. The next witch in the next episode would be lucky to get a two episode part. The rushed feeling was definitely present at the same time with how this episode went, I think that was alright. Still more development I would hope to be given to this witch although I will assume that is unlikely.

Overall Score: 65/100 (I cannot deny the development in story, despite the lack of development in a minor character)

So what did you think of these two episodes?

So if you like what you read feel free to comment and give feedback.  This is going back to a one episode format to see if I like that a bit more than the two episode format.