Well, I would like to begin with how I liked my approach for this season when doing the impressions. Unlike last time, then again hardly anyone followed my blog back then, I actually did do a half way update. I will also add since some of the shows currently on here are scheduled for a two cour, I will talk about them in depth on my thoughts for them come the Mid-Season Summer part. Alright time to begin. Random pictures from random shows will be spread throughout some will be for the ones that I will be more focused on, mostly not.

DanMachi Thoughts:

This, like another for my first impression shows, is one of my favorite this season. Sure it can be a little generic, and I did jump the gun and already buy the first novel, mostly since the second was not in stock at the book store. But despite the generic-ness this show is rather enjoyable and I can look forward to it when it comes out.

There still has been no real major sign of a plot really for the series. The only thing I could think of is that goddess trying to get Bell in her pants, but that is about it. I am also not talking about Hestia in this case.  Then with the whole Hestia thing taking the internet by storm, I will not be surprised if this show gets a second season with how Hestia is still popular and began becoming a trend again after a short break.

Anyway, this is really enjoyable for me. If you are a fan of fantasy series, and do not mind generic-ness, maybe check out at least the first episode.

pretty much
Sums up my thoughts on Hestia.

Gunslinger Stratos Thoughts:

Like all game adaptations before it, with the exception of KanColle, and Neptuna, this was dropped after episode one. That is all I will say about this show. It was boring and I also decided to drop any show I was not highly invested in or just watching to pass time, this was one and the cause for it.

Plastic Memories Thoughts:

I enjoy it. The first episode was wonderfully done. It is just like every following episode is slowly going down. I actually stopped for three weeks and caught up. So, although I found the first episode wonderful, like most original series this one is going down the same path like the majority and going on a decline for finding it good. It makes me worry yet at the same time I will not be surprised if I end up not liking it like, Rolling Girls, Celestial Method, Samurai Flamenco, and Captain Earth when it came to their endings.


Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma Thoughts:

I really like this series. Like Plastic Memories I just caught up with recently after being down three episodes. Although this was more due to the fact of a 12 page essay and then helping my brother for two days writing a 6 page essay. I want to check out the manga at some point. At the same time although I enjoy it, I could see this series getting stuck in a pattern. But I like Megumi a bit more than Erina with each passing episode. So, yeah. That is all I got to say. Also this is getting 24 episodes, so hopefully I will stick all the way through and can talk more on my thoughts when I do the summer part.

Rinne Thoughts:

This is the other show that one, has 25 episodes and I will talk about later, as well as being my other favorite this season. I still stand by what I said if you liked InuYasha, since it is by the same creator, you will like this. I also kept thinking Kegome every time I saw the main female character for the first few episodes. This series is rather good and rather funny. Personally I am enjoying it more than I ever did with InuYasha in terms of humor and action. So, that is that. Another series I might want to check the manga out, only downside is both are weekly series, this one having over 200 chapters.

Dropped series:

I figured I will start here since it is rather short.

Denpa Kyoushi– Number of episodes 3. Did not follow manga and was boring for a 12 episode series as well as I only watched to pass time.

Oregairu Season 2: Number of episodes 2. Much like season 1 where I struggled to watch it and could not get into it, I could not get into it and decided to save the trouble of struggling to watch it. It is good, just not for me.

Re-Kan!: Number of episodes 2. This was one of the shows I dropped since it was only to pass time.

What else I am watching:

Punchline: This show is a lot better than when it started.  This is up there for shows I am looking forward to each week. I nearly dropped it before it got good and I am glad I did not.

Fate/Stay Night UBW: It is starting to slow down. Although my love for Saber has only been getting stronger, this series is becoming a bother. Something is clearly lacking here. It might just be recent episodes, and I hope it is. I also blame the fact it is the Rin route.

Etontama: Originally I only watched this to pass time. But it is not just that. This show is surprisingly funny and although it did a recap episode and I do not really like those, they still managed to make that fairly decent and just as funny as the other episodes. I am actually looking forward to each episode since I find it funny.recap ep

High School DXD BorN: Although I put this show in my top 15, this was mostly because I last saw it 2 years ago and enjoyed it a lot back then. I still only had seen the first episode and plan to catch up this weekend. Ecchi is the bane of my existence now and is a struggle, which will be a pain this summer since a few shows I look forward to are ecchi and it being a mostly ecchi looking season.

Ore Monogatari!!: This is one show I really like. It is a lot like some of the other shows. One reason why I watched it is because girls were talking about the manga. On one hand people were actually talking about manga at my school. On the other it was girls talking about the manga. Major downside is with my luck they happened to be in relationships, but the good news is I got a series I could enjoy.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid: This show, and now that I notice it a lot of magical girl series have so many yuri undertones. This one is no exception like the others in this series. Still wondering how many episodes it is getting. Still good regardless if it is going to have 12 or 24. I did like the third season with its 26 episode length. I know that this was first based on manga, and there is clearly enough material for a 26 episode series, so I hope they do even if it is an original ending.CFoX8wXUIAEp0Nb

Mikagura School Suite: Another show filled with yuri undertones, and is one of my favorites this season, with its humor and action. That is all I will say.


Gintama 2015: Although I have still not caught up to it and am only on episode 100. Just being able to see the fact that even though it is over 270 episodes in this show can still maintain humor which not a lot of comedy series can do. I also like how I don’t have to watch all the older episodes to get to know what is happening.

Blood Blockade Battlefronts otherwise known as Kekkai Sensen: Missed the last episode, but it is enjoyable. It actually got me out of that slump I had a few weeks back. So, yeah this one is fairly good. Still stand where I could see this being one of the best this season.

Late Picks:

Seraph of the End: I was thinking about watching this for some time. Finally did last week and I really enjoy it. The first episode really gave off an Attack on Titan feel, which I did not like. After that episode I completely forgot about me thinking that until typing this up. It is going to have 24 episodes.

possible best girl
One of the few female characters, although is clearly the best girl of this series.

So, yeah, I am not going to bother talking about Yamada since my thoughts for that show are in the weekly reviews, I will say they do contain spoilers to the episodes. I will be doing a Pre-Season post again sometime in June.

Any series on here, besides DanMachi, and ones that are going to continue, if any you would like to see as a review, feel free to comment, as well as your thoughts of the shows.

If you like what you read feel free to follow. As I said if there are any here that you would like to see as a review, please comment. I will be making a poll, but this will give me an idea what shows to put on that poll.

– Joe