ep 6 2        Well, remember when I did the last one and I said I would be working at the factory with my dad over the summer and how I get exhausted and it can be a little hard for me to work on my stories and what not. Well, apparently the factory my dad works at is not accepting people to work this summer, which means I cannot work there this summer. Although at the same time I know my dad is looking for a new job so since a whole lot of problems and this might be my parents way of telling me that they really don’t want me to work there and are telling me I need to work somewhere else. But anyway back to what this means for this place.

So, I would like to say that I am going to take a hiatus for about two weeks sort of, I have been think of this idea for the last week and finally decided to go with it. Yamada weekly reviews will be out still during that time. I have no idea how I will find a job. But that has nothing to do with this hiatus.

Hopefully it is known somehow that I am a junior, well soon to be senior and college majoring in Professional writing. Anyway, back in my I the American Otaku post like a month ago I talked about my story. It means a lot to me and I have been neglecting working on it lately.

During the school year I would work on my story between my classes. At home I would work on blog posts. Back when I was on deviantart regularly for those stories I had an alternating schedule where I would still be working on those stories and my novel at school with most of it devoted to my novel. Since I finished classes almost three weeks now, I only worked on my book once and for an hour at that. (Of course after typing this entire post up I proceeded to work on it for an hour again)

As I said it means a lot to me I have been working on it for eight years now, which is a long time since I am only twenty-two. I always have trouble working on it during summer. Between work and feeling exhausted or just playing video games to relax, it has always been this way even when I was not working back in high school. So the reason for the hiatus comes down to the fact for those two weeks I just want to write my story, or just any of the stories I have been working on instead of blog posts, which have now taken over my time when I write.

That way I hope to achieve in those two weeks is simply time to work on it. I was hoping to have it done by summer; well I still have 18 chapters of a 40 chapter story. Current page number is 142 with almost 60k words. This is the longest draft yet since the second draft had the midway point around page 100, which compared to where I am at now is a huge difference not just in style but a lot of other things and so much work have gone into it from character development and description and events. This is the draft I feel confident in publishing and would now like to try to finish this story by I would like to say October feels doable, so I am aiming to finish by October. I know in those two weeks I will not finish it. But I will get closer to. Plus if I get a job I will at least knowing what is going on in terms of my ability to write in general.

Anyway, I really need to stick to my writing schedule. Weekends are for my stories, weekdays are for blog, and since most weekdays I will more than likely be working and having less time to write. It is more remembering to write on the weekends and set an appropriate schedule. Probably should also mention that I am only going to do one weekly review next season. Not sure if it will be Monster Musume or Jitsu wa Watashi wa, leaning towards the first since I have not seen any preview for the second.

So what to expect starting next week and the following, just the Yamada reviews, a special post out on the first which I plan on working on soon, as well as the June to August Update also on the first. I knew this would be too long to talk about and wanted to get another one of these out before that one. If there is a major change in anything expect another update at some point.


So, don’t worry I am not going to be gone. I will need to fix the schedule for some things and other than that. See you next time. (Although that last statement is redundant since I cannot physically see you so spiritually or metaphorically which ever you prefer)

– Joe