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             Another episode, wait let me stop before my typical ramble for a second.

            We didn’t start the fire it’s been burnin since the worlds been turnin.


            Watch out, you might get what you’re after. Something, something, burnin down the house.

Alright now that I got those music references out of my system time to get started with talking about this episode. Before I begin I will complain on the fact that once again it felt a little rushed, with another witch solved and it is clear all witches will be present. So, hopefully I will cover the recently released OVA as well at the end of this, not as a review, just my thoughts, since I did enjoy the first one when that came out in December. So without further ado, hopefully the music references that make me seem a lot older than I really am are done for me and it is time to start.

The Plot:

7 1

So, as I said the next witch is introduced. No she does not have pyrokinesis since I made fire music references, but she can see the future. The episode begins with one of her visions with the old school building catching on fire.

After the opening Yamada goes to see this next witch since her identity is known. They help her out and move things around her room, since although she was claimed to be a shut in she was friendly and well very outgoing. Yamada tries to kiss her to see what her powers is. She wakes up and explains why she does not go to school anymore, since she saw the old school building catch on fire and was blamed for it.

7 2

She brought up who she kissed that gave her this vision, Tsubaki. Who Yamada confronts. The two talk and really Tsubaki reveals he has a crush on Shirashi.  He asks Yamada to try to get Shirashi to meet with him.

Things happen with the visions, and I realized I left out a scene with Nene, only I forgot at what point it happened, fairly certain it happened before meeting Tsubaki since that was when Yamada really believed about the seeing the future power. Anyway, Yamada agrees to help Tsubaki, who then shows Yamada his special place. A place where he goes when he is depressed and needs to lift his spirits, the old school building to be exact, and he is none other than cooking food there. Which Yamada realizes he really is the cause.

7 3

So, the following day when this is discovered. Yamada goes through so comedic scenes trying to switch bodies with Tsubaki, ultimately failing. They are also on a deadline since it was then known that it happens tonight when the building where to catch on fire.

So, Yamada and Shirashi switch bodies and try to change the future a different way. Yamada going out to the mall with Tsubaki. Trying to make the day nice so he would not get depressed and whatnot.

Yamada eventually leaves, only to wind up in a romantic spot. Tsubaki confesses to Shirashi, who Yamada is about to say yes to. Shirashi in Yamada’s body gets a phone call and interrupts Yamada by kissing him in front of Tsubaki. He runs off and it is clear the fire is going to happen.

At the old school-house Yamada rushes in at last-minute to switch bodies. The next day Tsubaki is rather amazed by the whole witches thing and wishes to join the club. Ito says it is because he likes Shirashi. He lies and the episode ends with the showing of the next witch. This is also where I stopped reading the manga. Probably should catch up.

My thoughts:

It did feel rush. It is a weekly series, and I am starting to think that is the reason for it. I need to try to get my mind off that. Sure, Brynhildr in the Darkness was rushed and very rushed at that, but this series is not that level of rushed. I think that is why I worry for this series. At the same time reading the manga made me worried about this being rushed factor. At the same time it gives more to the main characters and away from the witches, since most just do not appear after their arc, with Nene and Shirashi being the obvious exceptions to date.

Taking out the rushed factor, since now I can tell where they are going with this, and it is a remotely okay pace. This was a good episode. It provided good humor and a good way to introduce another character that will be around for the remainder of the series.

Overall Score 80/100


Bonus Round: OVA 2 Thoughts


I would like to start by talking a little about the first one, which this one continues from. I am not going over plot or anything just my thoughts. Probably be putting a funny pic or two I don’t know. Anyway I really liked the first one. It was funny and all the witches appeared. It should be interesting to see the next one, since this part was written before watching it and all the witches together again, seeing that I did not know most or remember some.

Alright finished the second OVA. Anyway I enjoyed that, and I will say that these two OVAs are probably best to be watched later after all the witches are introduced and possibly either before the final episode or maybe after. Anyway watching the OVA reminded me of a character, who although was not a witch, did have her own story arc very early one. She made a minor appearance and it reminded me that the anime skipped this arc. At the same time it is understandable seeing that the character is not a witch. But it was nice to see the witches again that are not always in the series and see them do what they do even though not all played a major role. Anyway this OVA was enjoyable and I plan to do another discussion when it comes to the next OVA that comes out in August, although it will be set up more like my typical weekly reviews.


So, what did you think of episode 7? Also did you already watch the OVAs and your thoughts on those?


So those music references belong to their proper people. Yamada and the Seven Witches anime and the manga are both streamed on Cruchyroll.

As always I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave any suggestions on the respected pages for future content you would like to see.

– Joe