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So, with this post ends the Superhero themed month. There are a lot of films I have seen. Before I was into anime I was into comics, before I was into comics I was into films, a lot. I but although I do not remember all the films I have seen, a fair amount and very few where superhero films. To make this a little interesting, although there are not many that come to mind and some I only saw once, while others I wish to see so they are not on this list (Kick Ass). So, same old same old without further ado let’s get started.

Number 5: Watchmen

Last time I saw this, well I used the DVD played in my room and the video rental place was still open in town, I think that closed down in 2010. So, my guess is 6 years since I last saw it. I did read the Graphic novel, and would like to get it at one point to. Minus the pants-less blue guy this film was good. It is not like normal superhero films, it is more of a murder mystery one. It is also the only one on here rated R, and it does have nudity in it. I do remember enjoying it, in both the graphic novel and film form despite having two different endings. Personally I do not think I would try to watch the film again, since I can only think of one place where it might be, but the Graphic Novel I would read again. Still the faint memories, it was an enjoyable film.


Number 4: The Dark Knight Rises

I’m Batman. (I think that is all I have to say)



Number 4: The Dark Knight Rises

Okay for real this time. Although this was the final installment for the trilogy and more than likely no one knew what Batman Begins was until The Dark Knight, it does not change the fact that this is one trilogy that gets better and better with each passing film. This one really set up Batman no other movie has done before. The dark Batman and Dark Superhero film that everyone needed. Daredevil as a TV series did just that for Marvel as Batman did for DC. Only downside is now all DC Comic films are aiming to be dark and gritty like Batman, when in reality they do not. Although I did not see the latest Superman film, I heard it was something like that. Batman it feels like should be the only one that is dark and it should stay that way.

dark knight poster

Number 3: Superman (1978)

So, as a Marvel Fan I am only now realizing there are no Marvel films on this list and am really finding it odd. Watchmen although is a Graphic novel and is independent the rights are still owned by DC. It is really weird.

Anyway, Superman, the only good one that I like. Unlike the Dark Knight Trilogy this one gets worse and worse the more it goes. The first one was good, despite the whole time travel scenario making absolutely no sense. But it was the first major superhero film and successful one that made it to the big screen. Marvel did not really get anything on the big screen until X-Men, with the exception of the terrible Howard the Duck film from the 1980s. All the others were made for TV films. Anyway, this is back where you can really see how much of an inspiration Superman is. I think this is really the time where Superman really does shine his brightest is in this film. So, yeah, this one is really enjoyable despite not seeing it in years.

Superman-The-Movie poster

Number 2: The Guardians of the Galaxy

This one was a little bit tricky. I always have a struggle thinking which Marvel films I would put in order from best to worse. It is almost a three-way tie for first in all honesty. But in this case I will have to give this film the Number 2 spot, since there is one reason that puts number one at number one.

Guardians of the Galaxy really did something different compared to other Phase Two films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was what I really enjoyed about it was the fact that you did not really need to watch the other films to get the idea for this one. It brought so much to the table and really proved how different each Marvel film is capable of being. I mentioned this in the Cinematic Discussion where Marvel films can be just about anything, from a straight up superhero film or an espionage film, or in this case a space opera. This one was even praised to be the next Star Wars in this sense as well. From the characters, comedy, and just how everything is, this one is one of the best Cinematic Universe films yet.

Number 1: The Avengers

If DC Comics built up their Justice League movie good I doubt it would still be as good as The Avengers. It was built up over the course of five long years. It brought characters together, and just about every way. It was the super hero movie that everyone wanted. It was done perfectly because of it so many people wanted it so when it came out it was no wonder why it got so popular. It was something different and what people wanted. That is one reason why it is on here. Another is the fact how it managed to pull everyone together in such a way that not one hero over shadowed the other over the course of the film as well as each one being just as different as the next. It not only finally brought everyone together, but it brought about a major change for all superhero films to come. Yes it is a little unfortunate that because of it DC is trying to do a similar method and have films lead up to it, or how Fox made all the X-Men films connect.  But I am sure that someday something will top this and change how superhero films are done once again, maybe it will be a film in Phase Three, maybe it will be Infinity War since it is in two parts, or maybe even one of the DC films or even one that is just a small comic book series. Still, Avengers is number one.

avengers poster



So, that is my Top Five Superhero films, what are yours?

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– Joe