Well, my first post was technically December 1st, even though the Date a Live review came out on the 8th. Anyway this will be the only time where I will do a post like this unless it is a year mark. That and with a lot of blogs that started around the time that I did have all come and gone I think it feels right for surviving to celebrate being around for six months in the blogging community.

Another day another bad pic taken from my phone. I should take a better picture at some point

So, let me begin by saying hello, I am Joe and I just want to say thank you to everyone. So, narcissism states that my gift from me to you is a pic of my face, not sure why, but anyway. (Kind of wanted to show my face just because it will make it feel as if I am closer with my blog and what not. Only time I will probably since I am bad at taking pictures. Give me a break that was my first Selfie, if that is considered a Selfie.) These past six months have been really fun. The last few years of college have been weird, and well I am not really good at talking to people. Yet, through the past few months in blogging here it feels like I made a lot of friends, acquaintances, and just people I could talk to from time to time.

Sure the Reviewer’s Corner did not really get a lot of consistent traffic until March. This was after the 30 Day anime challenge, which really helped. Anyway I am keeping this post rather short, since one I plan do a major discussion for the one year anniversary, and two I do not want to make this post completely about myself.

So, although I do not know how many e-mail followers is spam and which ones are not, those of you that are not spam thank you. I wish there was a better way to put that, so I am sorry. But I know there are several people that do follow only by e-mail, so those that do thanks.

Next, to each and every one of the 75 followers that has followed this blog since it began, excluding myself of course, thank you as well.

Now I am not done yet. There are several people that I wish to thank personally, for various reasons. Each links to their blog.


Miharusshi she runs Anime Vios. A great friend and without her it really feels like on Twitter I would not have become as social as I did and the same goes for here as well. It is really because of this that I was able to talk to a lot of people just in general. It is always fun to talk to you when we can, and it is just as fun when it is in a group when we have seemingly five talks all together. So, thank you.

I saw this today on her blog, thank you it made me laugh. Although I have been into anime for 3 years, although that is sort of recent compared to some fans. It is still true though.


Nick from AnimeCorps. A great friend and although he may have given me the idea for the blogroll, but it was not for another month or so later till I talked with him almost daily, which it can just really be about anything really which is always fun.  As a side note thanks for getting me into Love Live after seeing countless number of Maki spam I caved in. Also curse thank you at the same time for getting me addicted to the Love Live School Idol Festival game as well. Anyway, thank you.


Dandylion13 from Viewer Discretion is Advised. A great friend and although we have not talked in while, when we did between our blogs it was fun. You have helped give me some ideas on what I should do, especially with the schedule I sometimes struggle to follow. It was fun for some of the conversations that we had over the last few months. Anyway, thank you, and I hope we can talk again at some point.


Deven from Anime Reviews and Lots of Other Stuff! also from AnimeCorps. Great friend, and not going to lie I keep forgetting how we really went about talking to each other. I think it was from Nick at first. But after that between Fate Stay Night, and Fairy Tail being our biggest discussions between the two of us it has been a lot of fun between that and all the random other talks between us be it here blogging or on twitter. So, thank you.


There are a lot of other people I wish to thank in no particular order, Otaku Judge from Otaku Judge, Unotaku from Unotaku, Lita Kino from Lita Kino Anime Reviews, Animereviewergirl from Shay-shay’s Anime blog, Thelimitlessimagination from The Limitless ImaginationArria Cross from Fujisei, OG Man from Yuri Nation, and I am sure so much more, they too have been good friends be it if we only really just started to talk recently, or have been talking for some time, thank you.



Instead of my usual as always if you like what you read feel free to follow, please check out those blogs. Sure some might be yours, but anyway. Thank you everyone, these past six months have been really fun. I have not had something fun to do like this in a while that turned into something so much more than what it really is.

To many more months of being around.

– Joe