Well it is that time again where I post the update on what to expect in the next few months. So this will replace to homepage for this month, and what not. So, yeah. Remember you can vote for what 2 shows you would like to see me review from the Spring season, even though the ones from the Winter season are coming out this month, these ones will be coming out in August. Keep in mind UBW and DanMachi I plan on doing a review for.


June: Best of Winter and Spring Month

Well, besides the first two weeks being my hiatus to give me time to write and work on my story. There will be four Top Five posts that will be out on Monday’s and Friday’s when I get back that relate to the topic for this month. Before next month beings I will be doing the pre-first impressions for the summer season.

There are several discussions I would like to do, but maybe not. Reviews will be moved to the weekends. For this month the reviews include: Rolling Girls, Gourmet Girl Graffiti, and KanColle.


July: Fate Month

With Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks coming to an end and deciding to do the review for it, there will also be some other things being worked on. Two Top Fives will be done, with a special guest, my friend Deven, although we are still in the planing stages of this collaboration, more will be know when the first post comes out either on my blog or his blog.

First Impressions will be scattered throughout the month, since I am keeping how I did it with the Spring season, I really like that method. As well as the start of my next weekly review, Monster Musume. I decided to do this one over the other series that I would have liked to of done, mostly because after seeing a preview for this one it looks good and follows the manga. I do not know what day it airs and depending when it does I will like to make sure I wait a few days so people can see it without being spoiled. It is heavily ecchi and although I own and enjoy the manga, this might be difficult and interesting to do since I only plan on doing weekly reviews that fit the fact I am familiar with the source material in some way and plan on finishing the series.

Reviews for this month include: Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1 (1-26), DanMachi.


August: I do not know.

I really have no idea what to do for this month. So far to date it has been, Magical Girl, Romance, Manga, Comedy, Superhero, and the previously mentioned ones. So, I know I am doing the 30 Manga Challenge in September, but not sure what to do in August. Even then reviews for this month are the ones that are voted on. I think this will literally be an I Don’t Know Month, full of random posts in this case. So I guess a Surprise both for you and for me.


So, that is all that is really planned for the next few months in what to expect. Any suggestions for August can be made here in what you would like to see or if you have an idea that would fit into one of the other months I will gladly think about it.

– Joe