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Besides the obvious fact that I am now pass the part where I am for the source material and am now in unknown territory this mystery is becoming more of a mystery for me. Anyway besides the inevitable me wanting to say Senpai notice me, I think I might have found one of my favorite witches in this episode. But who knows there are still two more witches to go that need to be found. Anyway time to get started.

I also should have mentioned this from the start, but spoilers to the plot of the episode.

The Plot:

Before I begin I will not that this episode was 27 minutes long, which for those that don’t notice most episodes for this show are only 22 minutes long. The longer episode was needed in order to cover everything that it did. Now for real-time to begin.

Well another episode another witch. This time there is no holding back as they already know this one, and she happens to run a group of people who cheated and done other things that made them no longer popular. Yamada and company, well Yamada decides to scare them since they are first years and they should know there place since they are the upper classmate. Nene also mentioned something in there that can be summed up with this picture.

Yamada gets to ask the witch, Noa, (who is the previously mentioned possible best girl for this series). The two talk, and Yamada thinks that she might like him. So he decides to use this to his advantage only to immediately get shot down.ep 8 2

Depressed he tries to think of another way and be forceful to learn her power. Ultimately he gets beaten up with a broom, before mentioning how he knows about the witches. She immediately wishes to let him join. However Yamada turns her down knowing something is up.

ep 8 3

The following day the club room is trashed and Yamada confronts the Class President in order to know what Noa’s deal is and why she is doing it. That and it is revealed she now has position of both Volumes of the Witches book.

Yamada soon learns that she wishes for her friends to gain the powers of the witches. Since it was made known by Nene earlier that once a witch no longer attends the school the powers are passed on. So, it is believed that Noa is then targeting witches. So they of course set a trap.

The target is Sharashi, things lead to another since it is kind of main thing, where Yamada switches bodies with everyone to try to trick Noa, which ultimately fails.ep 8 4

Time passes before ultimately Yamada learns what Noa’s powers really are, seeing people’s trauma, this of course is in dreams. He saw Noa’s trauma and what happened where she was, at least from what I can tell since I did not read the manga to this point. She was locked in the Supernatural Studies Club summer location for several hours by people she thought were friends, during this time she gained the Vol 2 journal and learned about witches. Anyway, Yamada promises that he will help her and her friends since they were all framed.

The following day while preparing for the festival coming up, Noa is clinging onto Yamada saying she has fallen for him. Shirashi notes as those two leave, that both their powers all to get a better understanding of people, perhaps they could help others.

Overall Thoughts:

This was a good episode. At first I had the feeling that they would solve the witches problems in one episode, maybe it is because I am in unfamiliar territory with the manga or what, but this episode was enjoyable there is no denying that. Between the character development for someone who I assume is going to show up from time to time with how she acted in the end. This was a good episode that introduced her. With the longer episode length it was able to go at a good enough pace without feeling rushed. This was one of the more drama focused episodes especially towards the end and it was pulled off well.

Overall Score: 85/100

So those that saw this episode what do you think?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I am always accepting suggestions for posts, reviews, and others things which can be made on the specific pages.

– Joe