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Well nine episodes in three more to go, still have yet to try to continue with the source material. But anyway besides me just rambling here to pass time, and instead of doing that let’s begin.

As always, since I am just remembering, spoilers to the plot of this episode, that is one reason why I do not post these same day.

The Plot:

Well, for starters the festival finally happens. While the club is holding a booth, which involved originally trying to sell food, ultimately turned into Yamada using one of the witches powers of foresight to kiss all that show up and tell their future. The power is curtesy of the witch from two episodes back, Maria Sarushima.9 1

Anyway, after that is all said and done Yamada goes back to thank her. She responds with the fact that she is glad her power was of use for once. She goes on to talk about how she wishes to fall in love without having to see the future. After some searching, as in a jump cut which made it really feel like a scene and an important one at that was taken out, Yamada meets a witch slayer/hunter/whatever it was since I forgot.

9 2

He chats with him for a bit, learns that this witch hunter has the power of one witch, which when he kisses someone he becomes invisible to them. He mentions that it is possible that he can kiss Maria, however he would in turn lose the power he already gained from another witch, which he does not want to lose.

The man, Shinichi Tamaki, tasks Yamada to finding out who the President is thinking of choosing to replace him, since he himself is also in the running for the position. Once Yamada gets there, he reveals he kissed Nene to gain her power to try to charm the president into getting the information, the secretary Falco Kicks Yamada into unconsciousness.

Yamada wakes up, and explains why he is doing it, the secretary, Mikoto Asuka, reveals she is the sixth witch and the one who originally had the power to begin with. The president decides with this information that since Yamada and the others know six witches, he reveals the fact there are seven, who would have thought the title of the show would be relevant. In order for him to decide the next president, whoever finds the final witch will get that position.

After seeing the future and looking for the witch, Yamada sees a future where Shinichi becomes president and Shirashi is his secretary. Yamada then rushes to try to find clues on the final witch’s location, in which time Miyamura asks Yamada why is he trying so hard. Yamada finally realized that he loves Shirashi, and how she seemed like she was before they met, he does not want to see her like that again. More events happen which ultimately ends with Yamada stating everything in that last sentences except the fact that he likes Shirashi to Shirashi. She responds in saying how she wants to help to and she says she never wants to be like that again.

9 4


It really felt like a lot was missing in this episode, I am not sure why. Something really felt like it was missing or just not there the entire time. It did not really feel rushed, although it was clear that it was. At the same time I am not sure. It seemed like the show while moving forward moved a little back. Yes a major point in this episode was Yamada realizing his feelings for Shirashi, but it did not have as much impact as it should have. Something just felt off for the entire episode. I am not really sure why. It was not better than the episodes before it, even the ones that really seemed rushed. Last week’s episode, I found out due to talking on twitter, that it covered about 20 chapters, even then that episode was good. Perhaps this episode was unable to get out of the shadow of last weeks to give a feeling of being different or perhaps this show fell in a rut where it follows running around the school to find a clue on the next witch. It is at this point I had to stop because I forgot to see what next week’s episode is about. Anyway, even then it looks like next week might not be much progress. Perhaps the fact it has been being rushed and it is finally slowing down is making it too visible and giving this odd feeling.


Overall Score: 70/100


So what did you think of this episode?

As always, thank you for reading, any suggestions for future weekly reviews would be appreciated.

This one also felt short, it is odd, that ramble at the start really does make it feel odd if it is not there.

– Joe