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So, with the winter season far behind us, and the Spring season nearing its end, this week will start off by counting down the top five winter season shows. With later in the week talking about the top five spring shows. There are shows that have continued on from the fall and ended in the winter. Although they started in the fall, and although none are on the list that I made mentally, if the show ended in the winter but started in the fall, they are allowed on this list since that was when they were completed. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Number 5: Gourmet Girl Graffiti

The series to me was originally referred to as Food Porn the animation, too bad Shoguki no Souma came around and proved this series being slightly on the mild side. Anyway, despite me calling it food porn the animation and the whole foodgasms a plenty, this show was rather enjoyable from start to finish. At first I thought it would just be talking about food and Kirin would just vist Ryo each week. Although that was certainly true, not everything revolved around food. The relationships between the characters were only enhanced by the spices of the foods on the episode to episode basis. It was not bland, and in all honesty I am running out of food references. With that said this series was enjoyable from start to finish. If you are a fan of slice of life series, or just want a series that is nice to relax and watch, this series would be up there to check out.

Food Discription

Number 4: KanColle

One of the very few game adaptations that I have seen fully and was able to watch being enjoyed by it. Ironically enough the game does not really have a plot, and with the other game adaptation that I have seen in both cases they do not really follow the games but go on their own separate journey. Each character is different, and although my biggest problem with it comes from the fact that to get to know why the characters act the way they do and some of the inside jokes playing the game would be necessary. Even now, although I have yet to play the game or watch the anime since it came out, I still manage to get some sort of Kancolle reminder daily through twitter. Anyway, this series I found rather enjoyable and cannot wait for whatever the next instalment in this anime series as a continuation was confirmed in the final episode.

I'd ship that

Number 3: Saekano

The winter season seemed to be filled with several harem series. I dropped most, namely one that comes to mind is Unlimited Fanfer or however you say it mostly due to the only guy scenario came to mind. The other two series that I managed to watch well they seemed a little bland or were so drowned out by half the screen being censored what was the point watching it.

Then there was Saekano different and easily on of the best shows that season. Episode Zero was two things, misleading for starters, and with the first episode being titled “Error Ridden Prologue” the meta humor is shown and plays off the fact in numerous ways. The characters, although some bring a sense of uniqueness to the typical stereotypes and even make fun of said stereotypes the show is still enjoyable in the choice of direction. The main heroine is even unique as one that does not stick out and is even seen in the background at times being silent. This series pulls off what it does well, as I stated in my review of it. At times one can forget they are watching a harem anime since they are mainly focused on making a game. This series is enjoyable and presents something different to the harem genre that has been known for the lack of plot and over used clichés by giving it a plot and making fun of the clichés.


Number 2: Your Lie in April

Sorry to bring back the waterworks people, and I will do my best to not to cry typing this. Anyway besides having probably the most tragic main heroine this series was good. There was also the fact that in my music class I was forced to take last semester I was almost making a reference to it mentally each class, so that provided some entertainment as well as useful knowledge as a whole. The musical pieces that were used in this series were pulled off beautifully, I do however wish there was a little more. The ending although was sad was still pulled off. I wish it could have ended differently, but regardless this series was good. I would put it in my top 25 series, which in all honesty when I use that term it basically states that I really enjoy it since there are more than 25 in my top 25. Although this series is a romantic drama, it still has well placed comedic moments.


Number 1: Death Parade

Besides the opening being amazing, this series was done right. This is one of the few original series that I hold up. There are even fewer that I have seen that I enjoyed all the way through if not more by the time the final episode. Although if it were to ever get another season somehow, my hopes for it would fall. Anyway, this series was really enjoyable all the way through, and unlike most original series I do not regret watching it in the end. I cannot really think of much to say. In fact it feels like most of what I could say about it I already said and sort of forgot about it in the review I did of the series back in April. Anyway I will not be surprised if I ever decide to come back to this series someday, not sure when that someday is, but I can hope that I do and enjoy it or see it differently then I originally did when I saw it.


So, what were your favorite shows of the winter season?



So, any ideas for future Top Five’s that would be really appreciated since I am running out of ideas come August.

– Joe