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Well, only two more episodes, and the path to the finally is starting to be clear as this episode continues right where the last one left off and the next one looking like it will do the same. The series, although in my eyes had its ups and downs, and well I am really making this sound like the final review, so I am just going to stop here and actually do the review now for the tenth episode.

The Plot:

Well, the episode starts off with Miyamura revealed he has a sister. To top it off she also knows the identity of the seventh witch. He did not want to resort to asking her, but he did mention how it looked like they were getting desperate. So, he takes them to his house to meet her.

Well, she is a little, feisty, I guess would be a good word to describe her. Instantly opening the door she throws scissors at her brother, does so again when Yamada, in Shirashi’s body gets locked in her room. Yamada ultimate does the old body switch, things happen before she ultimately decides to explain everything.

She warns Yamada that if she tells her the identity then the seventh witch will erase his mind. Yamada does not care, gives his friends a small speech saying what he knows and when he loses his memories to come and find him and bring him back by any means.

Yamada goes to the Student Council and reveals the identity, which he already knew. He said if there were any problems to go back to him. Later after switching back into his own body, (not sure why he had to be in Shirashi’s body for a whole day but never mind) the seventh witch, Rika Saionji, shows up.

ep 10 3

She and Yamada talk for a bit, before she gives him a note saying it will take 24 hours for her power to work. More things happen, such as me finding out Yamada has a little sister that basically told him to wake up, eat supper, and that was it since her face was not shown, would have thought she would have appeared sooner. Anyway, when going to the clubroom, and thinking about maybe faking it in losing his memories, he finds out he was not the one that lost his memories, but everyone else lost the memories of him.

The witch hunter guy, Shinichi, talks to Yamada to team up, this is of course after Yamada confronted the Class President and found out that only the Class President can learn the identity of all seven witches. Yamada tries to go on not sure what to do. With Shinichi bothering him Shirashi shows up. Yamada confesses his feelings for her, but she rejects him.

Yamada goes back and tells the Council President that he will get there memories back of him. The Council President that because everyone’s memories about Yamada disappeared all the witches are on the loose again since they changed after meeting Yamada.


Nene meets Yamada and tries to pull the stunt from episode five. This time Yamada goes to try to reinact the same event only to have Shirashi show up. She runs off crying before Yamada stops her, she questions who Yamada is and the episode ends.

ep 10 6

My Thoughts:

Before I begin I just want to point out a MAJOR PLOT HOLE for this series. It was stated a few episodes back that witches powers do not affect one another, Shirashi’s cannot be affect by Nene’s for example. Yet in this episode all the witches got their memories erased. So, why is that since the witches cannot be affected by other witches? If that previous statement is true they should all have their memories of Yamada still. If the statement is false, then all the other witches’ powers would overlap. That was all I want to say.

Besides me realizing that plot hole, while writing this, and during the episode as well. This episode was fairly good. It really shows how much the characters have changed, specifically Yamada and Shirashi and their relationship. Although Shirashi is not aware of it in a way she does love Yamada, Yamada even confessed his feelings for her. Although much like last week it did not have as much impact. Yet the ending with Shirashi did, there was something about it that finally gave the fact that Yamada loves her have impact. So, despite that major flaw with this episode, it was still good, still cannot ignore that flaw though.


Edit: Not all information was known at the time until I got comments and the following episode, so go by the second score. The plot hole at the time of the episode still proved a problem since nothing about it was known, so I will leave everything else as is.



Overall Score: 60/100 Cannot deny the plot hole.

Overall Score if the plot hole did not exist: 80/100


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