Alright, so during my two-week hiatus I got several of these awards, and I have gotten nominated for more since returning. So because it is me, I will be answering the questions, I will also nominate people, for the first four. I am also doing these one at a time, and one nomination per post for these. Each with their own set of questions for the individual, ultimately all questions will probably be similar since I can never think of good questions. So, although I will be copying and pasting this part I hope you enjoy and sorry for the spam of these posts. Each person picked me for whatever reason it might have been, so I want to treat them fairly and respond to the questions that were given to me.


So, like normal, and for the, I want to say forth time now thank you Dandylion13 for nominating me for (insert award here). Since this is the forth thing you nominated me for, 2 Liebster Awards, 1 Inspector Green Tag, and now a Sunshine Award I will begin by saying I am nominating you in return for nominating me all these times. So once again thank you, and check out his blog Viewer Discretion is Advised.


The Rules (Since this is the third post I am dedicated to posting the rules):

Once again here are the rules:

– Thank the Person who nominated you

– Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

– Nominate a few other bloggers. (I am adding how there is no set number some posts I have seen nominated 2 others 7)

-Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

-Notify the bloggers on their blog. (I more than likely will on twitter as well)

– Put the award button on your blog. (More than likely I will put it on the about page)

So, like anyways, those were the rules time for the questions.


1. What made you start blogging?

I started blogging for two reasons; don’t have anyone to talk to about anime or manga in my daily life, which that I can easily say that has been achieved now. I also thought of doing a blog for some time not sure what, I just did.


2. What are your favorite anime series?

Favorite has to be Fairy Tail, now I would like to state just because it is my favorite this stems more from the nostalgia to it and the fact without it I would not have gotten into as much anime as I did without it. I still enjoy it though, maybe not as much as I originally did, but there are somethings that can get me excited for it from time to time.


3. What is the funniest thing that has happened in your life?

That is kind of hard, normally I would have to say something me or my brothers did but that is kind of vague. Not really sure.


4. Outside of blogging what is a hobby that you enjoy?

I enjoy the obvious writing, watching anime, reading comics or manga, and that is all I really got going for me. Not a lot in my area to do something and not a lot of things that I would be motivated to do.


5. If you are watching the new anime season, what is your favorite anime? If you are not, what was a show or movie that you recently watched that you really enjoyed?

This one would be down to one of the following three, DanMachi, Kekkai Sensen, or Rinne.


6. What is your favorite live-action television series?

Favorite live action would be Psych, although that ended and because of remembering the fact that my favorite show ever that was a crime based series and it now being the last one I watched I am now crying internally for remembering that, so ongoing one would be Agents of Shield since I am a Marvel fan boy and this being one of the few live-action series I still actually watch, care about, and not use my computer durring.


  1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Seven, because why not seven.


Alright, so as a way of payback to thank Dandylion13 for nominating me all these times. I already stated I am nominating him again. So, here are the questions.


  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. What was the first series that you watched that got you really into anime?
  3. How long could you imagine yourself blogging?
  4. How much anime per season do you watch, if you don’t watch seasonal anime how many series in 3 months do you watch?
  5. What is your favorite snack?
  6. What is your spare time like, when you are not blogging or doing anything anime related?
  7. I know you like the Spiderman comics, so which was better Spiderman as Doc Ock or Peter Parker?


So, well, thank you again for nominating me, I suggestion you check out Dandylion13’s blog.