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Well, here is I guess the counterpart to earlier in the week’s post about the Winter Series. So, although some shows are wrapping up next week or the following, while some will continue, I guess I cannot be one hundred percent certain for these series I am about to do since for all I know they could end terribly, ask for a second season and never get one, or something along those lines. So, I guess the shows I am about to say, are good, as of right now. I think I am going to hold off on ones that will continue on until September, so there is that, I guess. I am also going to say no series that have had a previous season, just to mix things up.

Number 5: Punch Line

So, if anyone watched the first episode it is obvious this show was really ecchi and just plain terrible, well spoilers it is not. This series comes from the people who made Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann. Although I have my theories that it will not conclude at the 12th episode, this would be a first by those creators to do it and having it end in the 12th episode. Unlike some original series this season that I just got disappointed in and even went as far as giving it praise and saying it is the best one this season, PLASTIC MEMORIES, I dropped it. Plastic memories gave too much promise and did not deliver past the first episode. Punch Line however if the people stuck around to I would say episode three or four a spiral was starting to appear giving it much more credit than it originally earned. This series, even if the ending may not be the greatest, I do not know, still earns this place between being fun and action packed that I would never expected from the first episode.


Number 4: Mikagura School Suite

As OG Man from Yuri Nation would put it Eruna is the main heroine of the century. I have to agree with this. One reason why I enjoy this series so much is because of her. She is just perfect and as the series progress so do the humor and even the action. Although the series was based on music videos, which is the same for Makkucity Actors and unlike that series the only times that there is music is the opening and ending, I have to keep reminding myself that this series is based on of music, and it really plays it off well to the point where I can forget that and enjoy the series. The series is by far more comedic than with action. There are a lot of background stories they could go over, but they will not be covered. As much as I would love to see a second season of this series, no matter how much I would, something in my mind is telling me that will never happen. This is unfortunate when it comes to a series as enjoyable as this.


Number 3: Sound! Euphonium

I originally dropped this series after episode one since I found it bland and too drama focused. It was not until episode eight aired and the internet exploded with what was revealed between Reina and Kumiko that it pique my interest a little bit. That and all the weeks before it people being obsessed with this series, so I gave it a second chance, and the second episode was a lot more enjoyable than the first. Then episode 10 happened and well, towards the end it caught me by surprise how it was not just going to be played as undertones. Anyway enough about that part, each character have their own following seemingly on Twitter. I never really seen it this divided for a series on who the Best Girl is, normally it is two major ones, and there are just a small following for the rest. Also Kumiko is Best Girl because I am obsessed with the faces she makes at perfect times. So, yeah that and the Ribbon Girl is annoying.


Number 2: Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen)

Well, I am glad at least one series I gave praise to at the start really stuck through from the beginning, I think the only thing I am disappointed about with this series is that it is short. I know in America Trigun was huge, this being from the creator, well it is good to see that the creator still has it. I may never saw Trigun, but I could see this being the next Trigun where it will be more popular in the US than other parts of the world, not sure how popular it is in Japan, although it is apparently up there for best this season. If this gets another season I would not be surprised and I would gladly want it. It really has kept the momentum from the start. Where some series either promise to much or build up over time, this one stays really right about the same at the same pace it started at and it pulls it off beautifully.


Number 1: DanMachi (Is it Wrong to try to Pick up girls in a dungeon)

Sure I did that little speech about build up a second ago, well DanMachi started off slow, real slow. In fact although it is enjoyable only now it really is kicking off. It is sad that there are only 2 episodes left and I am already asking for more. This series is enjoyable, and although it may sound like a harem series, it is not. It might look like some sort of knock off of Sword Art Online, but again it is not. The main character Bell wants to get stronger. Although his real strength is starting to show, and although there are several women throughout the series that may like him. This series gives off more of a romantic comedy type then harem, since well it is not focused on the guys/girls relationships with one another. Anyway this series pulled of its build off wonderful, it is a shame it is ending when it is finally paying off. There is also the downside where it more than likely will end on Volume 5, since that is the volume it is on now, and with volume 8 just coming out, it might be some time for a second season, which since the Hestia thing is still popular and the show itself being up there for one of the best this season, I would not be surprised if by the final episode confirmation for season 2 will happen.

pretty much

So, that is my list. If I had to add shows that are sequels or ongoing, Rinne, Magical GirL Lyrical Vivid, Shogueki no Souma would be up there. Also ones I wished to put on this list was Etotama.


Anyway, so what where your favorite shows this season?


I am really looking for ideas for future top fives, if there are any you would like to see feel free to comment here as well.

– Joe