Well, out of all the shows I posted in the poll, this was the second one voted by the community. The first one if anyone is curious was Saekano, which the review went out back a few months. So, unlike the previous series this one takes more of a pleasant Slice-of-Life Comedy where there is no need to plow on through but let it settle for a bit between episodes. So begins the review for Food Porn the Animation, sorry that is now Shoguki no Soma, Gourmet Girl Graffiti.


Currently in her second year of middle school, Ryo has been living by herself since her mother passed away. Although she is very adept at cooking she has been feeling that as of lately that her cooking has not been the greatest. Then her aunt asks her how a second cousin is thinking of going to the same high school as her, and like Ryo would like to attend the same cram school. The only problem is that she lives too far away so she needs a place to stay over the weekends. Ryo allows this, which starts her finding her taste in feed better with the start of a new events eating together with both friends and family.


The Characters:


Ryo Machiko: the protagonist of the series, she as previously stated a second year in middle school. She is currently taking a cram school to get into the art school she would like to. Her parents are never around since they live and work abroad.  She is very talented a cooking.


Kirin Morino: she is the same age as Ryo and the second cousin that lives with Ryo on weekends. She is not really good, or has many experiences cooking as well as not being able to eat different kinds of foods. But she is a big eater.


Shiina: She is Ryo’s friend from middle school and also goes to the same cram school on the weekends, although is in a different class. She is well, wealthy although does not really realize it. Despite her cool appearance, she can at times be very physically fragile to the point were getting wet once in the rain can put her in bed with the flu.


Overall thoughts:

When it came to this series, and I would say a good quarter of most series that I start on a seasonal basis it is to just pass time. Yet, although it fell in that category it still managed to do something right, be it found in its humor or I guess taste of chooses when going over how food is. There was something in this series that made it feel like there was no need to rush through it, or a need to really find out by watching the next episode from some sort of turn of events. I think that is what most Slice of Life series are, and when they can pull that sort of thing off, they can really shine especially when you do go back and watch it instead of not bothering with the series. It is because of this, it is one of the factors that can really make this series stick out the most.


Bonus and Minus Points:

– The episodes seems to follow a similar pattern, so marathon it I would not recommend.

+ Each episode is episodic to the point where most can be watched out-of-order.

+ Although episodes seem to follow a set pattern, each still maintains a sense of individuality.Food Discription

? How detailed eating the food is

+ The describing of the food is wonderfully done to the point where it makes me hungry just thinking about it

? The Alice and Wonderland like opening is beautifully done.

? Head tilts, head tilts for everyone. Thank you Shaft.



Overall Score: 80/100


This series was streamed in North America by Crunchyroll and is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks.


So, I am thinking of changing up how I do reviews, namely how I decide on which shows to do. If you have an idea on what I could do. That would be appreciated.

– Joe