I decided not to bother with that long starting point. So, thanks everyone at AnimeCorps for the nomination. More than likely Nick was the one who thought of the people to nominate. So, thanks Nick, still thanks everyone else there too. So, after having so many for the nominating other people and being nominated, well I am sort of out of ideas of people to nominate who have already been nominated. So, no nomination for this one.

The Rules (Since this is the fourth post I am dedicated to posting the rules):

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So, like anyways, those were the rules time for the questions.


1: How many times have you rewatched your favorite anime? How would you say the show feels after the second or third time watching it?

I am basing this off of anything in my top five favorite anime. Fairy Tail I only seen the first 50 episodes twice, once sub and once dub. A Certain Magical Index I am working on watching it a third time since I got the Blu Ray Dvd Combo pack two months ago. Then there is Date A Live, 3 times subbed and once dubbed for season one only, got the blu ray dvd combo pack for that too. So for Date A Live it made me feel the same way each time watching it, crying laughing, ect each time when a certain scene plays. Fairy Tail, I have not rewatched since I first got into it. Index I am enjoying it just as much as I originally did and after not seeing it in over two years I am glad my second favorite series still can hold that title.


2: If you made your own anime, which genre would it be and why?

I think a fantasy series, specifically one with a long journey. I mean Digimon and Pokemon are like that and Deltora Quest the anime I realized was an anime that got me into anime was one as well. I like those type of series since there is so much world building and each episode it is a new place. The characters change over their journey, and I would have to say now it would not be as friendly as how the previously mentioned series are. I think making something so elaborate in terms of world building would be a cool thing to really see in any anime, it is just not too many get out of the town or area that they start it.


3: Which of the media typically associated with our interests (anime, manga, LNs, VNs, etc) is the best for telling an interesting story?

I think anime, since it can literally adapt all of the following mentioned in that little list. As much as manga, LN, VN, and everything else can be. Anime can give those events, characters, scenes, and everything else life. There are cases when I may enjoy the source material more, but when it comes to an anime I can enjoy it a little more than the source just by how it is done. There is so much more that can go into an anime that can make a series more interesting, the music, the visual appearance and anything else really that can make a story even more interesting if done properly.


4: What manga or light novel would you want to have an anime adaptation?

This one is a little tricky. Most series I have had in mind have had an adaptation announced since getting into it. UQ Holder would be an interesting one to see, but since it is a sequel to Negima which did not get a proper adaptation, it might be tricky for that series. Despite not reading it in a while Yandere Kanajo is a fairly good comedy shojo series I would love to see adapted. If not that then Koe no Katchi, aka the Silent Voice, it does have a movie in the works, but there is no way that will cover the entire manga since that has been done for some time now. It is also one manga that I would recommend since it is so different and just great in general. I read it in the span of a day and I want to read it again.

5: Are you an avid manga or light novel reader? If so, do you prefer reading from a physical book or digitally from a tablet or computer?

I will have to say yes on this one, somehow with my hobby being a secret I have over 50 volumes of manga and light novels hidden in my room. I also prefer a physical copy, although if I want latest releases I don’t mind my computer, it is either or when it comes to owning it physical copy. Something about turning a page in the book is so much more satisfying then clicking the turn the page button. I also don’t have a tablet.

This photo is not up to date by the way. There is more, not too much to be added.

6: What was it that made your all-time top favorite anime so special for you? Story? Characters? The cast? Studio? Animation? Why is it your top favorite anime?

I still say it is Fairy Tail. I really enjoy it despite it being a typical shonen. But a lot of people get into anime do to typical shonen. So it is partially due to nostalgia that it is my favorite, it is still enjoyable in terms of manga and episodes that still come out. Then there are the other factors. One being after catching up to it I wanted to watch more series, and more subs as well. Then when it ended for that year I got into a lot of my favorite series, Fate Stay Night, Bakemonogatari, Date A Live, and more. There is also the fact it made me watch a lot more shows on a seasonal basis as well when it ended since I had nothing to watch on a weekly basis. That summer when that arc ended in the manga I started reading the manga for it, which got me into a lot of different manga series, namely Akame ga Kill, UQ Holder, and Monster Musume. So, it is really one of my favorite series because of what it brought to me. If I did not get into Fairy Tail, I might not have gotten into as many series as I have in terms of according to MAL 352 series completed for anime, and reading all the manga that I am.  So yeah.


So once again, thanks everyone at AnimeCorps. As I said I am not nominating anyone at this time, so the same goes to being said that you should check out their blog, they do a lot of weekly episode reviews.