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Well it is finally the next to last episode and before I begin all I want to do is say wow after this one. This was the first time I was so focused on the episode I hardly got any pictures. I am probably going to be talking a lot about my 11 4thoughts on this one more than plot. I also would like to state I have since edited last week’s review to give it a proper score since that “plot hole” was touched upon by some people as well as this episode itself on how the seventh witches power is not through kissing and can affect witches.

As always with weekly reviews this contains spoilers to the episode that is one reason why I wait a few days before posting.


The Plot:

Well the episode begins right off the bat with Yamada trying to explain to Shirashi everything that has happened. The two talk and ultimately Shirashi walks away since she does not want to kiss Yamada.

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The following day Nene shows up kisses Yamada and reveals she has her memories back she was also affected by her powers. Yamada beforehand tried using that power on Miuamura, he did not get his memory back. Anyway with Nene getting her power back Yamada, her and the witch hunter that I always forget his name Tamaki go to discuss what exactly they should do.

Again I was really into the episode to really remember what happens next so I will do a quicker summery than normal instead of the normal play by play.

Basically the seventh witch shows up saying she will make things worse. The following day it was soon learned that she cannot use her powers on someone more than once. Because of this the student council pushes out a no kissing law, one to make things harder for Yamada and two because they see him as a threat.

When Yamada meets Shirashi later and the two nearly kiss they are interrupted by the sixth witch. While this is happening Nene is focusing on a lead now that it is known that all seven witches met in a room one year ago. She wants to see the room. When she meets the class president. He knows she fell in love with Yamada and offers a deal. She refuses.

She reveals the next day that she knows Yamada only has eyes for Shirashi and wishes him the best of luck and would like to be able to have him be happy then being a hindrance. She also now knows that the Class President views Yamada out of control and wants to make sure no one remembers him.

Yamada one by one kisses each of the previous witch which gives them their memories back. Only leaving Shirashi. When he goes to confront her and even almost kissing her she revealed to switch bodies with the sixth witch. (by the way it was already known she lost her powers to Tamaki a few episodes back which made all these events happen, I am saying sixth witch because I don’t remember her name). Yamada in a rage confronts the class president learning Shirashi, in the sixth witches body, was suspended and no one is allowed to see someone when they are suspended. Yamada storms off saying he is putting an end to all of this and the episode ends.


My thoughts:

Like I said earlier wow. This episode really pulled off all the suspense that has been building up. As much as I don’t like the fact that they did rush. It was pulled off well for the last few episodes and would not have worked otherwise. This episode was easily the best so far and just amazing in general. It was a first in this series that I honestly forgot I was reviewing it and more laser focused on everything. It was halfway into the episode when I realized I only had one picture so far. But, there are few words that I can describe what I feel about this episode. It might be difficult to keep this momentum moving for the final episode next time.


Overall Score: 95/100


What did you think of this episode?

I mentioned in the last one that I plan on doing a Monster Musume (Ecchi) review for a weekly series. I am also considering of making it Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Comedy), in case Monster Musume is too ecchi and I don’t want it on my blog. I am leaning more for Monster Musume, but I was wondering what everyone else was thinking of these two so please comment.

– Joe