Well, as a side note with all the awards that have been nominated lately to me, and the fact that I still have one or two more after this one. It is safe to say that after these, I really should start turning them down for at least a few months, probably till September or October. But that is a discussion for another time and I also still have no more references to do for the titles since the first five where Die Hard references and I forgot what reference I made in the sixth one. Anyway I am not nominating anyone. But check out the person who nominated me blog.

So, now to really begin and to start of by saying thank you Ainoanime from Aino Anime for nominating me. They are relatively new to blogging, although only about a month later than when I started, but they have been coming out with more posts recently, which main focuses on reviews, so check that out if you are interested.

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Like I said I am not going to nominate anyone this time, mostly because I have no idea who to nominate. But I am doing the very least like I have done with these in the past and answer the questions that were given to me.


The Questions AinoAnime has given to me are as followed:


  1. What is your favorite anime?

My favorite series is Fairy Tail. It really helped me get into a lot more anime. I think it is safe to say a lot of Shonen series helped get people into anime since they are so common. But anyway I still enjoy it, the nostalgia is what is keeping it as my favorite still as well.


  1. Do you have a favorite opening/ending song?

My favorite opening is an easy one, which is the opening to Carnival Phantasm, which is Type-Moon’s tenth anniversary parody of Tsukihimi and Fate Stay Night. Enjoy any of those shows watch it since it is hysterical. I am also a chronic skipper for the ending theme, but Kekkai Sensen has an enjoyable one same for Chaos;Head (I actually had to look up the name for that last one probably one of the few times I will mention that series).


  1. If you could spend a day in an anime world of your choice where would you be?

This one is a little tricky, mostly due to the fact I can only last a day in it. I am really trying to think of a way to cheat the system which is a series that has multiple realities or some means that connect to others so I can go back any time I please. But since I can’t on the top of my head Pokemon, because it would be awesome.


  1. Cookies or ice cream?



  1. Movie night in or night on the town?

I never get to go on the night on the town, mostly because of gangs and drug dealers apparently and nothing in town. So movie night in.


  1. Any other interests outside of Anime?

Writing, majoring in it, want to get my book published and what not. Also am thinking of one day going for a Master’s degree to expand on my writing and possibly teach it as well.


  1. What would you gamer tag be? (name)

I will just give the link to my Steam Profile if anyone is interested. It is here.


  1. Place you would love to see or visit?

Not really sure, obvious places I would like to go would be Italy, England, or Japan. That is about it. England because why not. Japan that is probably an obvious one. Italy because some of my family is from there. Really any part of Europe would work for me in this case. Is visiting the moon an option, although I doubt it would be.


  1. You just won the lottery what will you buy first?

Donate most to cancer research. Rest goes for buying anime and manga stuff as well as my college loans and what not. Any leftover goes to savings. Just to spite my parents I will live at home since it would be funny for a bit.


  1. Is the glass half empty or half full?

The glass is half full. This is a way to tell if someone is an optimist or pessimistic. It is a simple way anyway. Learned this back in sixth grade. Optimists tend to respond with half full while a pessimist will respond with half empty.


  1. Should sailor moon crystal have been made or should it been left alone?

I only started to watch the original once Crystal came out. Even then I have liked Crystal a little bit more. Although recent episodes made me not like it as much as I originally did. I still like it more than the original. Also don’t have that nostalgia that most people have, towards it. It feels like Crystal is aimed at the audience that grew up with this series rather than new people. This one also follows the manga more. Season 2 is also confirmed by the way and will start next month.


So yeah, once again thanks for the nomination AinoAnime. Check out there blog too. It was kind of nice doing one of these again after not doing one since April. But instead of me rambling on, I am done.