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Well, remember earlier in the week when I did Top Five Best Girls and how I made this insanely long list of reasons on how I determine who the best girl is. Well for best guy it is simple. So simple in comparison that this filler words that I am doing right now is even longer than the explanation on how it is decided. It is so simple, well I am going to stop and just cut to the chase. If I find them interesting in any way, I like them. Simple as that. So without further ado time to start.

It is also at this point when thinking of male characters from the winter season that I enjoyed the number is low since most of the shows I watched where harems or a dominant female cast. So a vast majority, as in all except one are probably going to be from the Spring season.


Number 5: Producer-san (Idol Master Cinderella Girls)

So, I have not finished this series, still need to see the last two episodes, not sure why I have not seen the last two episodes, but I will see them before season 2 premiers in a few weeks. Anyway I really like the episode after the first concert and what was her name, the sporty cheery one that I did not like, she ran off. Producer, since for the life of me I do not know if they gave him a name. He went to try to convince her to return. There is also a lot on what he does, which is admirable. So although in the first episode he was clearly seen as creepy, He is still an interesting character for this series that helped a lot of the characters out as a supporting role.


Number 4: Rinne Rokudo (Rin-ne)

Well this series is really enjoyable. After reading the first 70 somewhat chapters and the last 12 episodes he is a very interesting male lead. Especially in the last one when it came to earning the money. At times his fact that he is in debt stems his comedy when it comes to his need for money. Although it is not always the comedic factor when it comes to this that makes him interesting, but everything else that he does as well. There is not really that much to say since in all honesty I am not really as confident in choices as I was with the previous post. In all honesty this is more of a Top Three than five, but then there would be the title change and what would be the point. Anyway my feelings for him stem more for my feelings for the show, and it is easily one of my favorites this season.

money please

Number 3: Takeo Goda (Ore Monogatari aka My Love Story)

This is where I really get into this top five. Alright so Takeo is an obvious one. If you see the show how can he not be? Despite being a giant and looking either way older than he is or supper tough, he is not. If there was an image in the dictionary for Gentle Giant it would be his face, mostly because nothing else could fit. But anyway he is chivalrous and is just amazing in general. There are too few words to describe someone of his stature. So yeah.

that face and line

Number 2: Bell Carnel (DanMachi aka Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?)

So he is probably one of the generic over powered protagonists. People in all honest probably thought this would be a SAO knock off with its name. But it is not, and unlike Kirito who goal is secretly to fill his harem, and although his shares the same voice actor as him and many other harem male leads, he is no harem male lead. It could be argued that this series is or is not a harem, personally I do not think it is since it stays away from all the generic plot points in a harem series, sure all women seem to be attracted to Bell somehow, but other than that they do not share similarities beyond that. Anyway enough of that, Bell is more of an aspiring hero, there is a reason the nickname is Little Rookie, he is a Rookie, the Underdog. And more than anything it feels as the Rookies or the Underdogs are always the ones that inspire people more than the hero they know will win, because they do not know if they will win or not and we don’t know if they will win or not. So this is completely opposite to what number one is.



Number 1: Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Gilgamesh is and will always be one of my favorite anime villains of all time. Bell fits the ideal Rookie character, but Gilgamesh fits perfectly for the ideal villain. He is ruthless, and is uncaring to all. Of course the anime leaves out the only time he is like this, and the people who know the myth for Gilgamesh should know he had a best friend, a golem. That Golem died which made him search for immortality. Anyway according to the wikia, the myth and this Gilgamesh are similar. Gilgamesh believes the only person that is the most human was that one person he believed  to be his friend, so much so he does not want to be friends with anyone, this explains some aspects in Fate/Zero when asked by Rider if they should be friends and team up. It is also because of this he views all as mongrels. That and much like me he holds Saber in high regards. So, he has that going for him as well. But it is hard to describe how ruthless he is, and I honestly do not know if he holds up to it since I did not see the last few episodes especially since he fights with Shirou. But there is that episode with Illya and explaining it would go into spoiler territory and he is even more ruthless to talk about since I cannot describe it because it would dive into spoilers.



So, with my little struggle for a Top Five where I thought it would be easy. Let me end on the note that Saber is best girl.


So, anyone you would deem as best dude from the previous two seasons?

I am also running out of ideas for Top Five. I am thinking of stopping after next month for a few months to get ideas, that and something else I might do that would prevent me from doing it as well. Any suggestions for future Top Five’s would be appreciated. More than likely I would give a shout out to anyone that does have an idea and I go through with it.

Like I said if you have any idea’s for future Top Fives that would be appreciated. More on why I may put them on hold will be revealed soon.

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– Joe