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So, I brought it up several times scattered throughout several posts that game adaptations do not go so well with me. Most of the time I end up dropping the show. There is one other case besides this one where I succeeded in watching it. The only thing that these two shows share that no other one did before is the fact they do not follow the games. KanColle gives an anime a story based on a game that has no story. But because of this, is this show good giving something that the game did not have? Also forgot to mention the was the third one that was voted on for me to review.


As to all my series reviews, I do my best to stay spoiler free.


So the series follows Fubuki  a shipgirl. Humanity is being faced by a threat. They are abyssal fleet and have taken over the seas. Shipgirls are girls who possess weaponized outfits and the spirit of historical navel vessels. They are the only ones that are able to fight this threat. So, when Fubuki arrives she meets other that she will fight alongside as they spend their days training, having fun, and taking down an enemy only they can.


The Characters:

There are a lot of characters to say the least for this series. So I will cover only 3, which I deem as the main three.


Fubuki: The main character, she is a newcomer destroy type to the navel base. She is at first deployed with Torpedo Squadron. At times she can be a little timid, and at the start she has no combat experience what so ever. She also has a “deep admiration” (Major Yuri undertones) for Akagi in which she dreams of being able to escort her into battle.


Mutsuki: She is one of the members of Fubuki’s group, she is also a roommate with her and Yudachi. She and Yudachi became quick friends with Fubuki. She is often cheerful and supportive of her friends.


Yudachi: Poi. Poi. Poi. Poi. Poi. Poi. (Translation: She is another destroyer in the group, and as said she is friends with Fubuki and Mutsuki. She often ends her sentences with “Poi” Later in the series her remodel form can be seen below on the right) She is also a contender for best girl in this series for me.

Overall Thoughts:

My personal opinion for this series is that it was enjoyable. I did say I struggle with game adaptations, since they take away that game experience and set everything on a single path. Yet this gets away from that since it does not really have a plot and the game is similar to a card game from what I have seen. In that case the fact that they were able to make this series have a story was done well. It covered up the fact sort of on the fact that it is just cute girl anamorphic ships. Sure there are yuri undertones everywhere, which there can be nothing wrong with. There is also the well-played move on how the admiral is done, since he is the player’s character. Plus this series just had me coming back and looking forward to each Wednesday when it came out.


Bonus and Minus Points:

– Sometimes it felt that some jokes or relationships would only be got if you played the game

– Sometimes the lack of plot from the game reflected in the show making it average

? too many best girls?

– CGI in battles should not be needed, could understand to the explosions, just not the characters. Most of the final episode was a battle, and did not have CGI, making it not in every battle for an odd reason (on a side note I was watching it in a lower setting, once in HD this problem does not occur as much)

? Oichii is a possible Yandere


+ Each character can be likeable and different, there are a lot, so finding one that you do not like might be hard.

+ The battles are well done and balance out all of the random events that can happen in some episodes.

+ The episodes that do not have battles either give good character development to side characters or enhance the main characters in some way or another.

+As someone who knows nothing about the games this series was enjoyable

? Yuri Undertones equivalent to the amount of Shaft Head tilts in a Shaft seriesI'd ship that

? At times it felt like it could not decide between either a military action or a slice of life series. It tried to do both and it did not blend well as it could have. (The bonus and minus parts were written after watching the anime, and not near the time it was posted, since writing this I have seen Strike Witches which is similar in some aspects in this sense, so originally this was to be a minus point, since then that was changed to an unknown)


Overall Score: 70/100


This series is Licensed and Streamed in North America by Funimation it was also Streamed on Cruchyroll as well and oddly enough was the only one that did not get a simuldub. So, at the time this is posted there is no dub.

A sequel was announced at the end of the anime, I am hoping it is another season over an OVA or Film.

So what did you think of this series if you seen it?