There are other series I will touch on at the end, the main focus is Classroom Crisis.

Classroom Crisis

I was promised ClairS but did not get any yet. Well that might be due to the fact that there was no opening theme, so hopefully next week they will deliver. I mean ClairS music is amazing. I am also not using that as half the reason why I watched this show since they announced they would be on hiatus a year ago and this is the first song that is an opening since then.

Anyway I am doing this a bit differently from last season where I focused more on trying to explain the plot. It felt like doing that took a lot of time of enjoying the episode as well as taking away more overall thoughts since that was what I was more focused on. So this is all about thoughts and less about plot, so yeah. I will give it a score, which is based on my personal enjoyment from one to five. Probably should have started with this, but ClairS takes priority. Then I will talk about other shows I checked out.

female leads CC
Main Female leads.

So, I can say this series from the first episode a second episode will needed to be watched. As I said I am worried with this original series due to this betrayal I felt after watching Plastic Memories. A part of me is glad on the fact that after watching this episode I did not think it was the best thing ever, I was neither disappointed nor overjoyed. This series could have potential, but in terms of plot, not much has been shown what it could be about.

However I do sense that there will be a relationship at some point. It feels like it could possibly yuri, at the same time it might be a mix of both yuri and conflict. I might just be letting my mind wander since one, I finished Yuru Yuri which is filled with it, and two it seems like Hibiki Euphonium is still on my mind. But yeah, if not yuri then it would be the obvious yuri undertones. Which I am okay with. With that said I will use a random picture from this episode to end it, even though I will talk briefly about a few other shows.

Score: 3 out of 5 will need to watch another episode to know.


GATE: I enjoyed it. It had a lot of build up this episode and it looks like the next one will be build up as well. I am fine with this since the series is going to be 24 episodes in length. It did give off the feel that there might be some promise to it, but who knows. It does seem similar to Outbreak Company from a few years ago, only this will be more of an action and not parody and turning people into otakus.

Charlotte: Another series that was somewhat enjoyable. This one was an original series, so my like Classroom Crisis I am going to hold a skeptical mind. This one also seems to need another episode to know if I will keep it. Did seem interesting in what they were going for. There are a lot of flaws, such as what they label as teleportation, that was not teleportation, the very least that was super speed. But not much is known for what the plot could be.

random face

Shimoneta A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist?: I like S*x jokes the Animation, I mean Seitokai Yakuindono. This series gave off that feeling that what happened in SYD are the consequences of all of them. I should add the SYD is in my top 15 favorite series. The dirty jokes, words, and just about anything erotic have been banned.  But wow, it was just so ridiculous and everything. I am hoping it will keep the momentum and ridiculousness, and if it does SYD might have a formidable foe when it comes to these jokes. But seriously it was really ridiculous with some of the jokes.

what is this maddness

I would like to add I watched several other shows, which will be discussed in the next first impression, not sure what the next one will be since some streaming sites are behind on uploading.

What did you think of any of these series if you watched them?