Well the series is known as Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, I will also add I am going over a few series and my brief thoughts at the end with the main focus towards this one.

Snow White with the Red Hair title

So, I know for a fact that I have seen the manga around floating about the internet for some time, even was a little curious to read it myself. Although I do not know the plot and well after the first episode it is not really clear what the plot may be other than well a shojo romance sort of thing. But I enjoyed it. It was not amazing but it was still enjoyable.


I did not going in expecting anything and well I came out the same way. It was enjoyable and it was setting up. There were some allusions to Snow White, even a joke about dwarfs which I thought was somewhat funny given the title and the main character being that role of Show White.

The is not really a lot that I can say when thinking about this series on the first episode. It turns out that it is getting a second season for some time next year. I know it is a monthly series, and I think the same magazine as Kamisama Kiss and Yona of the Dawn, well I thought that and I was wrong so never mind that. Good thing I looked up the information. Anyway it does not give me the feeling of any other shojo series that I have seen before. At the same time I have only seen a hand full of series since seemingly there is never a lot of shojo series each season. I hope to keep this one though to see where it goes since it feels like it has potential.

terrible person

Score 4/5 It was a little enjoyable and I really do want to see where it goes so I will hold on for hopefully this season.

Snow White with the Red Hair is licensed in North America by Funimation.


So I watched several shows. But I will talk about three of them.


Dragon Ball Super: I did bring up on several occasions that I never grew up watching Dragon Ball. A few years ago I saw all of Cell Saga and some of the Majin Buu Saga. I saw Battle of the Gods and loved it, and I am still waiting to see the latest film. It is said that this series will have over a hundred episodes. Now will I watch all one hundred, I do not know, but I did enjoy this one and hope to watch it as long as I can.


Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers: To me this one is a tricky one. I see a lot of high marks for this series, but to me it just did not entertain me well. I will say this series did have a good first episode. There was a lot of world building and a lot done, which was nice. Perhaps in the back of my mind I fear this will be rushed due to a 12 episodes listed and the light novels still ongoing. The plot seems straight forward and that is to slay the Demon God. So unless something different happens, well it sounds like a generic story and if nothing excites me after the third or fourth episode I am going to drop this one, despite the look of potential.


Gatchaman Crowds Insight: This is the second season and well it definitely delivered. To me original series can never go on seemingly as well as the first. Dog Days for example the second and third season did not have much of a plot and it is getting a forth. On the other hand Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha builds up each season being enjoyable. I have a feeling Gatchaman will do the same. It is still keeping concepts such as focusing on current world problems like it did in the original series in the 70s. So if it goes down the path it is going I have a feeling this season will be enjoyable.


That is all for this one. Will be talking about some more shows in the next one. The show is now out, but I might hold back and talk about several others that will air in the next few days and talk about the second episode as well.