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So, like I said with the Actually I am review. I have not decided on which to review yet. I was a little worried when it came to this series, but I will say after this episode the worry is gone. Anyway I am minimizing the talk on the plot and bringing up a new part where I talk about the manga in the end. As for which series I will continue to do a weekly review, I am going to do my best to keep both for a bit since the Top Five posts will be done for a few months to gather ideas.


So I will say this is the most anticipated show for me this season. So, with that said, well, I guess I will leave what I am thinking for that section for my overall thoughts on the episode. Not really sure what to say since, well I do not really know what to say other than the fact I have been reading the manga for almost two years now so I know this series fairly well. I have also read it several times too. This is a harem series so let me laugh for a second since I am doing a plot section. Alright now we can begin.

The Plot:

So the episode begins with, the main character, (kind of always forget his name since everyone has a nickname for him), Kimihito Kuruso, being wrapped up by Miia a lamia. The world changed and passed a law three years back. An exchange program for other species. Miia is a half snake and is taking part in the program.

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Well will Miia sneaking in and not wanting to wake up. Kimihito goes and gets a bath ready and what not, ecchi things happen. While he is getting breakfast ready, Ms Smith shows up since she is the coordinator and is in charge of making sure the caretakers are doing their job as well as making sure they are not doing “sex” since this would cause a problem. There is also her bring up the laws and how neither side can harm one another.

After she leaves Miia says she does not care much for the rules and would like to give Kimihito her first time. She wraps around him nearly breaking his arm.

The possibly following day Miia and Kimihito go on a “date” Ms Smith calls in a field trip more than anything. The laws state that the exchange and care taker must be everywhere together. So they go to a few places, arcade, lunch, and a few other places such as the lingerie store.


People start to make fun of Miia so the two run off to try to find a place to hid for a bit. That place happens to be a Love Hotel, some jokes occurred, but nothing ecchi happens, only Miia again trying to say she wants Kimihito her first.

Ms Smith bursts through the wall, says they found them through their intelligence network on to reveal it was “Twitter.” As they exit the same people making fun of Miia before show up, in which Kimihito punches them in the face. The episode soon ends with Miia telling Kimihito that she really cares for him and how he will always view her as a girl first and not the fact she is a lamia.

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Overall Thoughts:

This episode was done wonderful. It was a lot better than I thought it would. There was this constant worry on what they might do. In truth they covered two chapters, looks like they will next time too. In both cases it looks fine. Each chapter is almost 40 pages.

Anyway the music as in the opening, although I do not normally bring this sort of thing up, it was enjoyable to watch. I just wanted to throw that out there.

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Why did I post this one?

As a series that has a lot of fan service one reason why I was worried, yet there were not many scenes that were fogged (besides the bathroom one which worked) or had covenant lighting beams. Some were even nicely done in covering for itself. Which is nice for an ecchi series for once.

Out of all the shows this season that I looked forward to this one really lived up to it with this first episode. I am glad how it turned out and presented itself differently compared to other harem series, or series with monsters. This one picks the ones that would be a villain in a monster series or ones that would not give more thought about making it a different and exciting way on not knowing who the next girl will be.

On another note that I find interesting it the characters ages. They are all not really known but Kimihito is between 18 to 21, and the same goes for the other female characters. So it is kind of interesting to see the fact that they are well older than a majority of anime characters, especially in the harem genre.


Overall Score: 85/100 (Have to minus five points whenever I feel like I am being bias sorry)


This series is being streamed by Cruchyroll and is now confirmed to be licensed by Sentai Filmworks.


Compared to the manga:

There were not any changes done in the manga. This episode did cover two chapters, but I think the only scene they add was the brief joke in the Love Hotel with Miia wondering what some of the things were. That was it. This show really followed faithfully to the manga for this episode.


What did you think of this episode? So, which of the two series you would like me to weekly review, it was not a problem to write both in this shorten format, would doing both interest you?

Thank you for reading I had a lot of fun with these past two episode reviews. So I hope you enjoy and if you could answer that question.

– Joe