Deven falls out of the sky

“Eh? Where am I?”

Deven reads a sign

“So I’m here at the Reviewer’s Corner? Let’s do a crossover!”

Hey everyone it’s Deven. And look where I am! Joe’s Reviewer’s Corner! We’re deciding to a little Fate Crossover for our Top Five Favorite Fate Girls.

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So let’s get into this!

Number 5: Fate/Extra Caster(Nursery Rhyme)

Now you probably don’t know about this game but a few years ago Type-Moon released a game called Fate/Extra. In that game you can take up either an Saber, Archer, or Caster and fight for the Holy Grail inside the Se.Ra.Ph system.

This Caster isn’t that Caster.


Isn’t she cute? Just so you know the one in black is Caster.

So her true name is Nursery Rhyme. She’s the Servant of the character Alice. You fight her in the 3rd week.

What makes her usual as a Servant is that she’s an Literary Heroic Spirit meaning that she never existed as a person but she became a Heroic Spirit because she was revered as one anyway.

She’s the embodiment of the genre of Nursery Rhymes as a whole. As a result she takes on the form of the favorite nursery rhyme that her Master liked as a child. Her Master Alice liked Alice in Wonderland so a lot of her powers deal with Alice in Wonderland.

The main thing that I like about her is that she’s so powerful in game. Remember Archer(he is in the game too) with his Reality Marble, she’s got one too. And her magic stats are high is heck with an EX in Noble Phantasm! Only Gilgamesh and Iskander have something that high.

Now that’s awesome!

Number 4: Fate/Stay Night Saber(Arturia Pendragon)


Now say it together awwwww! You all mad?! 😛

Sorry Saber isn’t at top of the list(not really)

But you can’t deny Saber’s epicnesss…even though she’s not as cool as numbers 3-5.

Simply put I like Saber. Really like the fact that she gains a lot through Unlimited Blade Works despite the fact that it isn’t her route.

However the main reason she’s at number 4 is that she’s overused as Type-Moon’s mascot. They have three more mascots in Ryogi Shiki, Arcueid, and Aoko Aozaki but Saber is the only one that gets this much attention.


And there will be even more in the future. Despite that you can’t deny that Saber is a good character with a good character arc over the course of both Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero.


Let’s keep going.

Number 3: Fate/Stay Night Rider(Medusa) and Fate/Stay Night Caster(Medea)

I can’t choose! Both too sexy for words and too awesome. They’ll share third

Definitely very sexy girl but that’s not what’s makes her so good. Granted I respect Joe too much to say why she’s so good because a lot of people haven’t seen or read Heaven’s Feel. That’s the route where Rider shines.


So I’m going to restrict myself to what you see in other stuff like Fate, UBW, and other works. But to what makes Rider so good is that just that she’s so long suffering. Imagine having Shinji as a master…sends shivers up my spine.

So we see in Fate/Kaleid actually that Rider has an incredibly broken combination when Miyu uses it.

She uses Rider’s Cybele(Mystic Eyes of Petrification) and then activates Bellerophon and rushes her opponent with her Pegasus so old that it’s immune to all magic.

It’s the same thing as tying someone to a train track then running them over with a tank. Probably…that Pegasus is from the Age of Gods so a tank isn’t really a good metaphor to use…

Point she’s strong and cute!

Next is Caster…ELF EARS!


Sorry for the outburst.

Anyway Caster is awesomely cute and good looking. Granted you only see her face once since she’s got it covered in that darn hood all the time.

So cute. She really goes all out in her cuteness in Carnival Phantasm and she’s the best elf waifu ever!

Now let’s talk about how awesome she is. She doesn’t do much in Fate because she’s afraid of Berserker. Actually she can’t touch him in any way because she knows he’s Hercules and she’s Medea.

Note: During Greek Mythology while Medea fleed Athens she was hidden by Hercules after she cured his madness given to him by Hera. So this made a bond of host and guest between them that still exists even though they are Servants now. Medea cannot offer violence to Hercules in any way because of this. That’s why she waits until he’s dead in Fate

She’s owning people in UBW and why? Because she’s a Magus from the Age of Gods. As she says her magic is like a modern car while modern mages are like carts with a tired horses. They can’t compare.

And in Fate/Kaleid, other than Saber and Berserker, she’s the only Class Card that takes two episodes to defeat.

Number 2: Fate/Extra Caster(Tamamo no Mae)


From Elf Ears to Fox ears! Best girl in Fate/Extra. I have the game and I have to say that she’s the hardest Servant to use because she relies so much on her magic but once she’s got Magic she’s running train on everyone.

She’s also got some good lines.

“Do you know what’s better than dogs or cats? Foxes?!”

I have to like her because she’s one of the funnier Servants that you can get in Fate/Extra. Saber’s more funny in her extravangance and Archer’s more sarcastic but still good.

She’s also packing a big secret in the fact that’s she’s a facet of the Divine Spirit Amaterasu and you can actually get to talk to Amaterasu in Fate/Extra CCC


Now I’ve watched this scene a few times and I actually felt fear during it. It really clicks that you’re talking to a truly divine being that can kill you with a stray thought. It really puts how low you are on the totem pole in perspective.

And all of this makes Caster Tamamo best girl in Fate/Extra.

Now for number 1…

Number 1: Assassin of the Red(Semiramis)


Based awesome. You know what makes her good. Elf Ears!

But you know that’s all. She’s one of the most powerful mages in the entire Nasu Verse because she’s the only person that’s overcome A ranked Magic Resistance. You know the stuff that made Saber untouchable to all mages in any way or form. Yes she fired off an EX ranked magic blast off her Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

And EX isn’t something like the next level above A. EX is so high it can’t be measured! Very awesome.

And her best Noble Phantasm is what I call elegance in its vanity and over the topness, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which she isn’t even supposed to have. However since so many people associate her with the Hanging Gardens it is just became a part of her legend even though she wasn’t even alive when they were built.

She also loves her Master like Medea and a bit more tsundere about it.

So that’s all I’ve got and these are my top 5 Fate Girls!

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Later Days