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Well with the second episode and now me doing a review on it I think it is safe to say I still have no idea which series I will choose to do over the other for weekly reviews. With that said, well, there is not much for me to say right now other than the fact that the opening reminds me of Weird Al. So let’s get started on the second episode review. And as always with my weekly reviews there are spoilers.


Kuromine is a little happy since he can now start walking home with a girl. Of course he is a little disappointed that he is only friends, but none the less he is happy and talks to Shiragami.

The following, supposedly, day at school the Class Rep, Nagisa Aizawa is glaring at Kuromine thinking something is off about him. She thinks about what happened last year and wondered why he was staring at her; she rejected him before he could confess to her. So she goes to ask Kuromine if that was what it really was about.

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Later that day Kuromine is talking to Shiragami, who is finally eating her lunch. She does not eat at the lunch time due to the fact that it would reveal her fangs. Kuromine thought she would be drinking blood, only then Shiragami reveals that is the vampire equivalent to a kiss and is only done on occasions. She was still hungry after eating, Kuromine bumped into his desk and found a snack. Shiragami eats it only to find it extra spicy and flies around the classroom before hitting the wall.

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Kuromine opens the door to go get her water, (on an unrelated note if you don’t like spicy foods drink milk not water, milk will stop the spicy, water only puts it out temporary before causing the spicy to be more spicy…..the more you know). When he opens the door the Class Rep shows up.

The Class Rep assumes Shiragami is an alien and out pops a “mini class rep” from the screw on the top of her head. This is the real form of her, and it turns out she is on earth to observe it. With that secret revealed she wants to erase Kuromine’s memories. I will spare the details since it is some of the more humor filled parts and cut to the end. Kuromine agrees to keep Class Rep’s secret, and she agrees to keep Shiragami’s.


Overall thoughts:

I am not sure if I said it but last week’s episode was all about setting up. The humor was executed. It was so nice to see the scene with the spicy food happen. I actually had to pause the video when it happened too. The same goes for the memory erasing device, which has several forms in the manga by the way. The humor really kicked it up this episode since this series is a comedy 75 percent of the time with the other 25 percent being the romance aspect. They skipped several chapters, which I will talk about in a bit, but even then that was fine since the humor was starting to show and made it what this show will be more like from now on.


Overall Score: 90/100

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Compared to the Manga:

            Like I said they skipped several chapters, about five, sort of. One did deal with Shiragami eating. Another did deal with her going home and going to school. It was more about finding away so she did not have to go in the sunlight. Anyway, other than that the scenes were really pulled off well for the chapter they did cover with the Class Rep. It looks like Mikan will be introduced more, so it looks like they will be more focused on introducing the characters. Now I assume this is not going to be a 12 episode series, but at least a 24 one. Although they skipped a few chapters, I assume they want to start introducing the characters in order to get to certain events. Not sure which one since as I said the series can be episodic at times and is also a weekly series for the manga.


Did you enjoy the episode?


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