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Before I begin, much like the last few there will be some other series briefly mentioned at the end for what else I watched, although there is not much.

Time and time again I bring up the fact that I have struggled to watch series that based off of video games, despite never playing the video games. I am not sure why, could it be the fact that they are trying to fit the entire events of a 40 hour game into a 12 episode 24 minute long series, maybe. I do not really know. It does not matter what game too, be it similar to Girl Friends Beta, or like Devil Survivor. Game adaptations to date I have only watched fully are Hyper Dimension Neptunia, and Kancolle.

God Eater looks interesting and I am glad to say that after watching the first episode I like it. The episode was enjoyable, unlike last season Gunslinger Stratos with the twist I caught despite never playing the game, I even could not go for a second episode. Yet in the back of my mind something was telling me they were going so fast. This might be the fact that I know it is based on a game and I like to take a slow approach so my brain is naturally thinking like it is a game. I do not know.

god eater 1

The art style for this series I will say is a little weird. But other than that I cannot really think of a reason why I would concider droping this one from one episode. Even some of the shows, namely Classroom Crisis, that I did see this season are looking more like I will drop since episode 2 was similar. But I am hoping that it will be more like Charlotte where episode 2 was a lot better.


Score: 5/5 This represents my enjoyment.


What else I watched:

At this point there are a few shows that are sequels that have yet to come out, but I plan on watching them.


Non Non Biyori Repeat: I watched this show back a month ago and really enjoyed it. I am glad that season 2 now two episodes in when this is coming up, is still just as enjoyable. If you saw season one then you might be watching the new season. I might recommend this series since it is a nice and relaxing and easy to get into series. I ended up watching it all within a day, which was weird since I have not done that in a long time, not counting both Strike Witches and Yuru Yuri which was also last month as well.


Bikini Warriors: I needed something to watch while waiting for Monster Musume, this was that 4 minute show I decided to put on. It was ecchi, and no real sign of anything but a few jokes. That was it. If it is to pass time for a minute or two before Monster Musume then I might hold onto this series.


Other than that, I am struggling to figure out if I missed anything that I saw. This season seems kind of boring if you don’t watch any of the sequels, granted there are a few good shows, but even then this season seems a little bland in some areas.


Well with this said I will talk about all these shows that I mainly focused on come the mid-season.