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Well, like I said with the Actually I am review, I do not know what series to keep reviewing weekly. So for now I will review both. If it is the case where it feels as though I cannot keep up or feel like I cannot maintain doing two weekly reviews, then I will be dropping one, at this time I do not know which one, have a feeling I will keep this series though. Anyway this episode covered two different chapters and was split into two parts. So each part will get it’s own plot point discussion. So without further ado, spoilers as always and let’s get started.

The Plot:

First Half:

Well Miia and Kimihito are doing laundry, while Miia reminisces about the other day and how happy she was that her “Darling” stood up for her. She is basically in a state of bliss, but before she knew it several feathers fall out of the sky before a harpy swoops in and takes Kimihito away.

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The next think Kimihito knows is he is in a tree in the park. The Harpy introduces herself as Papi the Harpy, before completely bird braining out and not sure if she got it right. She gets hungry and wants ice cream at the nearby stall. While eating and talking Kimihito tells Papi she would be deported if she was not near her host family, in which case in the shock she drops her ice cream. Course Kimihito has a white creamy Popsicle, and well you can probably but two and two together for a brief scene that would ensue.

Anyway, while Papi got naked and is taking a bath in the fountain, much to everyone in the parks displeasure. Miia shows up and the two start to fight. Midway Kimihito states that people are watching, only to realize they are not and some little girl is stuck in a tree. Some effort to get the girl down. A cop shows up soon after to thank them for the help only to ask if they are part of his host family. Ms Smith shows up and gives the paper work to state that Kimihito is the host. Later that night it was then revealed that although Papi looks young she is Miia’s age. The reason for this is Harpies need to fly so they do not grow that much.

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Second Half:

The following Morning Kimihito needs to get groceries since they ran out of food. While turning a corner a centaur runs into him. The centaur goes unnamed throughout the episode, so I will just say it is Cerea to save time. Anyway the two talk, she says that Japan has an ancient spell that when you run into someone at high speeds going around a corner they are your soul mate. She is looking for a “master” (Papi says master while Cerea will use dono, which is a different type just to clear what the subs say master for both) Anyway, Kimihito calls Ms Smith and she says centaurs are different where they go and look for their host family.

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So, a mugger shows up while this conversation happens and robs a random passerby. Cerea having a strong sense of justice wishes to pursue him, but because of the laws cannot touch him and needs Kimihito to follow. Of course she says only her  “Master” could ride on her. A brief talk ensues, before the next scene Kimihito is holding her waste and struggling to hold on while she gallops after the mugger on his scooter.

Before long after a brief scene of ecchiness that cause them all to crash. Kimihito takes a blow from the sword Cerea dropped and goes unconscious to the next scene, where it was revealed to be a fake. Now Cerea is part of the host family and tells Kimihito only people close to her call her that. Also what he did by riding on her was considered like getting engaged.

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Overall Thoughts:

A part of me knows they have to cover two chapters. But anyway they pulled it off well in this case splitting it with the title card. Anyway my overall thoughts for this series really stayed similar to last week where there was no major difference. The series approach to censoring the more ecchi scenes have done real well in covering it up and not using the beams of light, fog, but instead use the surroundings, such as Kimihito’s hand in one case. The manga itself does not have this kind of censoring, and I am glad the transition was done so well into anime form where it does not need to block some of the screen to cover something up. This is a lot different compared to other ecchi series and I think this was a good choice on their part. I do not have to get annoyed by the fact that half the screen is whited out because of something, instead something else happens which covers it up. Now since this is the television version I am talking about, I would assume some scenes could change once a DVD or Blu Ray happens. Anyway it was still pulled off well for a series such as this.

The two parts were nicely divided, sometimes it is a little bit of a pain in my opinion when a series has two parts and one part is a lot longer than the other part, it feels like that can take away from a lot of what could happen, which it did not feel like in this case.


Overall Score: 90/100 (This series maintains its enjoyment as well as still being different compared to a majority of ecchi series. Originality can always make up for when I feel like I am being a tad bias for some things)


This series is streamed by Cruchyroll and is licensed by Sentai Filmworks.


Compared to the manga:

The only real difference that comes to mind in the manga is the censoring. The manga actually shows the characters, without beating around the bush, breasts where the anime, as I said, has come up with cleaver ways to censor that out. This episode covered chapters 3 and 4 by the way.


What did you think of the episode?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe