So,  I was nominated for this one by both Dandylion13 from Viewer Discretion is Advised and Anime Reviewer Girl form Anime Reviewer Girl (Threw me off for a second since the name change). Any way typical me, except for that one time, is to do these award based post individually. However this one feels like, at least to me, you can really only do it once. I happened to be nominated by them before obviously writing this post.

I have not really found rules after going off of several different posts and back tracking. I know it is listing 7 dreams a person has, some do actual dreams and others do ambitions or a mix, I view it more as ambitions and in my case it probably will be. I will be nominating people for this one as well. So again thank you both Dandylion13 and Anime Reviewer Girl for the nomination.

I am the kind of person who believes if you work hard for your dreams, no matter how hard it may seem, they can come true. I also believe that if you believe in each other’s dreams then they can come true. It helps to know that others believe in your dreams and you believe in theirs. Something about it is so wonderful, I am not sure why. I just wanted to say that before I began.

Number 1: I want to be an Author

I talked about this well on my post I think about my Story. I have been wanting to do this for some time. I always loved writing stories ever since I was little. There was just something about it that I enjoyed and still enjoy doing to this day. I have been working on the story I wish to be my first book to be published for eight years now. I am not going to go into tremendous detail, since most details can be found on that post if you are interested. It also talks more about what my story is about.

Number 2: I want to teach Creative Writing

Since entering college a few years back I have not really decided what I want to do with my major, if worse comes to worse, or use it while trying to get my book out there. For the longest time I thought about maybe using it to do journalism. Yet the things I have heard, and the industry itself seems to make me not want to do it. There is also me thinking about doing it. When it comes to career choices it seems like that would not fit me. I would not mind doing it, I have worked on my school newspaper and liked that. Anyway I am getting off topic. It was not until the last semester when I started thinking about it. I mean if I go from my Masters, I can use that to teach. I view that as an added bonus since I hope to us that more for expanding on my skills as a writer. But thinking about it, it sort of seems like a right choice for me, helping people work on their stories, I am not the greatest at editing and can never catch my mistakes for things that I know I made a mistake on. Still there is something that seems right in my mind when it comes to thinking of helping others with their stories. So many of my creative writing teachers and professors have inspired me, I would not mind being that inspiration for someone else.

Number 3: Getting Married Having Kids

Kind of jumping the gun seeing I have never been in a relationship. But yeah I would like to be married someday and have a few kids of my own. That should be a simple enough explanation.

Number 4: Voice Acting

Ok I would not mind trying it. I mean I think it would be cool to try to voice a character and try to bring them to life in some way or another. I think it would be at least interesting to try at least once.

Number 5: Work in the Anime/Manga industry

I am not talking about in Japan, more like in America. I know some manga companies need copy editors and things like that to make sure everything makes sense in translations. I would not mind doing something like that help be a part that brings people that sort of stuff.

Number 6: Get a pet Cat

Cats are adorable. I do not like dogs, besides being allergic. I had a bad experience with dogs on countless number of occasions. When I was little I had a pet cat. But anyway I would want a pet cat, they are always so cute…..I am going to stop here, but I think my fondness for cute things have been known enough on Twitter and possibly enough her as well.

Number 7: Work for Marvel

If I cannot work in some sort of Manga industry I would love to work for Marvel. I love superheroes and a major Marvel fanboy. The last year or so unfortunately I have not been as much as I have been into comics. I want to see something change something drastic, that is why my characters age in my stories. There is never really any questioning if they are doing what is right, it is just good versus evil, and I would like to see some sort of change. If it was me bringing out the change, well that would be awesome, but if I could work on comics that would be fine.

So yeah, time for the nominations:

Nick from Skycorps.

Deven from his blog Anime Reviews and Lots of Other Stuff.

Daziigirl from UnOtaku

Shiroyuni from Limitless Imagination

MitzukaReaval from her blog Manga and Tea

OtakuJudge from Otaku Judge

Wow, I think that is the most people I nominated. So once again, thank you both Anime Reviewer Girl and Dandylion13 for the nominations. Feel free to check them and the people I nominated out.

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– Joe