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Well, yay I am still juggling rather well doing two different series to review weekly. I am kind of glad. I think it is because I enjoy both of them so much where Yamada I did not. Anyway there is not much for me to say other than the fact I will probably have to go back to read a small section on the manga in order to remember the exact events, since at least to me it changed sort of. Anyway without further ado let’s get started. As always my weekly reviews do have spoilers so you have been warned.


Well the episode begins with Kuromine’s friends being harassed by Mikan, Kuromine’s childhood friend and a sort of bully to him that runs the newspaper club. She wants to know exactly what is Kuromine’s secret since the puffs from the previous episode were from her, and she had a recorder that only managed to get Shiragami’s voice on. She has gone by several names (see image below) and Kuromine goes over all the times she has bullied him with the newspaper club from wetting the bed in elementary school to writing his first love letter. So once Kuromine is in her sight she chases after him, he refuses to tell the secret so she continues with investigating.

am ep 3 1

Kuromine gets to class only to see that Shiragami is not there, he worries only to find out that she is out sick, so he is then tasked with bringing the homework to her at her apartment. (I would like to add her parents do not live with her and as a fan of the manga I hope they show meeting them when they go to her hometown) Anyway, once after school happens. Mikan starts to chase after Kuromine again. Class Rep holds her back so Kuromine can go on ahead.

After making it to Shiragami’s place and exchanging a few words, I will spare details but it is basically him realizing he is in his crushes room. He gets a call from Class Rep saying Mikan tricked her with her words. Class Rep was thinking it was going to turn into a manga like scene (again see image below).

am ep 3 2

Kuromine is about to leave only to hear something collapse, that being everything that Shiragami was trying to keep clean falling on Mikan when she snuck in through the window.

The scene jumps to a clip of the newspaper Mikan is showing off to Kuromin, he tears it down, but she has copies. The paper basically was a photoshop of him and Shiragami together. The chase happens, a few words are exchanged with one of his friends before going after Mikan again and, well I will stop since this is a comedic spoiler and I do not want to ruin it. Needless to say Kuromin got the images back.

The episode ends with Mikan seemingly talking to herself only to realize that her glasses have a god of fortune saying they will grant her wish. She does not want the god of fortune around and says that people will think she is crazy if they see her talking to her glasses or would believe her truth.

am ep 3 3

Overall Thoughts:

To me this one seemed, a little light on the humor aspects. The God of Fortune is a thing, I just could have sworn it did not come in for a later chapter, this of course will be the main cause for me to reread some of the manga. Anyway I do like how they kept that in, not sure how much they will use, but it was still interesting to see that brought up. I also could have sworn, although it might be in a later episode/chapter when Shiragami brought up her childhood friend, she is seen in the opening after all. Anyway this episode did seem a little weird. Something about it made it seem a little slow, despite so much happening. It might be the fact the episode was more focused on Mikan and I never really enjoy her much as a character, she is interesting I will give her that much, but even in the manga I did not really like the chapter this episode was based on, so it could be that too. As I said the humor was a little light this episode, and did not focus on the romance either. I will admit despite it being one of my favorite series the humor filled chapter some can just be a straight up miss even though there are very few of those types.

Overall Score: 70/100 (Part of me is saying it is too low, but something did seem off this episode)

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Compared to the Manga

This episode used some of chapter 4 and chapter 9. The episode begins with events similar to chapter 9. Going to see Shiragami when she is sick is chapter 4, but Mikan is not present at that time. The ending too, that was not in chapter 9 but I know it was in a chapter, I just do not know what chapter it was from. It was a funny scene and remember in the magna, well I last read chapter 86 not too long ago which was a major turning point in the series, so I have been a little focused on that since they were major romance chapters. So, yeah there was some changes, but all the changes made sense and were fine with me.