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Yay I really made it to episode three for both shows for reviews. Again I think this has something to do with liking both series and there my two most look forward to shows this season, I only wish they were separated by at least a day. Anyway not much to say, although unlike last week were two chapters were obviously separated. This one the chapters blend a bit more so I will not split it into first and second half. So without further ado time to get started. As always with my weekly reviews they contain spoilers for the episode.

The Plot:

Besides me still laughing at the fact I do a plot section for a harem series, and the other fact I always forget the main characters name, although that is understandable seeing that he has seemingly fifty different nicknames and I cannot remember a time when someone called his name in the manga. The episode starts with the girls basically about to jump Kimihito.

The opening then happens and it cuts back a day. Basically everyone is arguing and Miia goes over the basic laws of the exchange program to inform Papi and Cerea. Cerea and Miia start to argue and Papi’s brain gets fried and wants to cool down in the bath. Insert trying to get a bathing suit scene on. Followed by Kimihito jumping in the bath to cool himself off.musume 3 1

Papi then jumps on him says how she sort of feels like they could be siblings and says he could be like a big brother to her. She does not have siblings, (as far as I know in the manga since she does forget who her mother is sorry for that spoiler although it might not even get animated).

Anyway Cerea takes Kimihito away a second later when Miia shows up. The two rushes off to the park before yet again everyone shows up and they all start arguing. Ms. Smith pulls up her car and proceeds to shot them, well Kimihito gets in the way and gets shot by three tranquilizers.

When he wakes up Ms. Smith brings up the fact that there are starting to be some changes to the exchange bill. They want to see if marriage can happen. She offers the four of them to be the test and for Kimihito to choose one of them to marry. Before this Kimihito does say that they are still learning about all of the things in this program.

musume 3 2

He became worried and locked himself in his room, not sure what to do knowing he was rushing things. It is pushing midnight and the full moon is in clear view. Miia walks and gets well, ecchi, saying Snakes can make love all night. Papi bursts through the window and talks about wanting to marry Kimihito so she can lay eggs. Cerea comes in and says it is their instincts coming from the full moon. She is not “affected” since she views him as her master and is technically seen as marriage.  She proceeds to do the same as the others.

Kimihito gets away long enough for Ms. Smith to call to say what he already knows. He does his best only the girls are soon seen sleeping the next morning with Kimihito in bandages. He promises to date all of them to give them each a shot for marriage. (Thus the plot till chapter 30 happens).


Overall Thoughts:

I do like the second half more. I think this is similar with yesterday’s Actually I am review where there was just something off. It was the first half, and I never really did like that scene with Papi in the tub in the manga. It could stem from that, which is what I assume anyway. The second half I always enjoyed for the chapter. I think it was done well in anime form. There was also a scene that had to make use of the light, fog, or darkening of an area to censor something out this episode. I do like there approach so far, especially since I know the scene with the tub was heavily censored. It is kind of refreshing that they are only using the generic methods when they have no other chance. Out of the episodes so far this one was not as up there as the others. Most of the scores whether I like to admit it or not for weekly reviews are mostly based on person opinion, yet I think this one still reflects this one as a whole with their feeling like there was less this week then the last two.


Overall Score: 70/100


This series is being streamed by Cruchyroll in North America as well as Licensed by Sentai Filmworks.


Compared to the Manga:

Again not much compared to my other series I am reviewing in terms of changes with manga. This covers chapters 5 and 6, I believe, since it has covered all chapters to date with two chapters per episode. This series is following it faithfully with the exception they tone down the ecchiness, which is a first for an ecchi series, I do not know if anyone said this phrase before but “there is not a lot of ecchi in this ecchi series.” I am fine with that though, I think I would be more uncomfortable seeing some of the scenes and more annoyed by the fog or lights if they did keep the level of ecchi there is in the manga. I could have sworn the reason behind the marriage, although it might be brought up later, is that some species need men, Lamias and Harpies are female only species and thus need a male partner.

As always I am curious on your thoughts for the episode.

– Joe