For starts as a person who said he was going to stop doing these he really has not kept his word. But oh well. Here I am again, and I decided whenever I get nominated for these things they will just come out on a single day. Anyway enough about that.

This time I was nominated by my friend, Overlord-G, also known as Og-Man on twitter. He runs The Yuri Nation. So thank you for the nomination. It is also now when I realize I was also nominated for a Real Neat Blog award by him as well and both questions will be answered. There was also the fact he referred to me as Joey Mercury, and I did not know who he was till I looked it up in Google, anyway enough about that, thank you and time to get started.

I will not be nominating anyone for this one, so there is that, but I will post the rules like I normally do.

The Rules:

– Thank the Person who nominated you

– Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

– Nominate a few other bloggers. (I am adding how there is no set number some posts I have seen nominated 2 others 7)

-Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated.

-Notify the bloggers on their blog. (I more than likely will on twitter as well)

– Put the award button on your blog. (More than likely I will put it on the about page)

So, like anyways, those were the rules time for the questions for the Sunshine Award.

1. Have you experience some type of writer’s block during your Anime blogging career?

I have not been doing this for very long, I mean seven months is some time. I did take a break for two weeks but that was because I wanted to work on my novel. But I mean I am sure it will happen.

2. What is your favorite Japanese voice actors/actresses?

My favorite voice actress has to be Suzuko Mimori. She voiced a lot of characters that I really like, that includes Umi from Love Live (left), Princess Hisui E Fiore from Fairy Tail, Togo from Yuuki Yuna no Yuusha (second to the right in the bottom right picture), Himawari Furutani from Yuru Yuri, and Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Kiss (top right picture). She is the one with the most female characters that I like and I think she does an excellent job with them.

I do not always remember the voice actors names, so I have to look them up. But even then she is the only one that sticks out on the top of my head that I really like.

3. Have you ever gone to an Anime convention before? If so, what conventions did you went to?

I would like to go to any form of convention, comic or anime, but I never been to one unfortunately.

4. If you can make a live action production, which Anime/Light Novel/Manga would you choose as the source material?

Not Dragon Ball Z. Any I think one that is good in terms of comedy, but not to extreme in how everything looks would work, for example Gintama with all the aliens. But definitely some series that has a good amount of comedy and has a story that could be told in a single film without worry if there would be a need for a sequel, even though no a day’s everything is a sequel or is getting one. In that case, with their being a sequel I would have to say Fate Zero, that seems like it would make a good action movie. As for a comedy I am not sure what would be a good one.

5. Based on your knowledge on how Anime production works, what is your opinion on how animators are being treated in Japan? What would you do to improve their situation?

I think yes something needs to be done to improve their situation. Although I did not see a lot of Shirbako, and still want to see it, I think what I saw really does say a lot about it, with deadlines and everything else that comes into play. Something should be done.

6. Do you watch or experience any other forms of media besides Anime?

Random gameplay on Youtube, I watch Agents of Shield, Walking Dead, and that is about it now for shows on tv. Reading manga is an obvious one.

7. What do you prefer, official subs (e.g. legal streams or home releases) or fan subs?

I prefer official, sometimes fan subs do have a little things, obvious problems with lines. Official comes out quicker and there is sometimes fewer problems compared to fan subs. Sometimes I cannot really tell the difference though which is fine.

Alright now onto the Real Neat Blog Award Questions:

1: Favorite anime male/female character personality trait? What I mean here is a recurring anime character archetypes: Examples include, tsundere, genki, angsty, etc.

There was a time where I liked the Tsundere, but not anymore even then I did not like them that much, I feel them being too overused and way too similar, only a few actually stand out. It is really hard for me to say, I think a more fun loving character that is more optimistic in the type I like mostly since it deals with my beliefs.

2: Favorite anime battle? Can be “of all time” or recent.

I think one that comes to mind has to be the finally of the first series for Fairy Tail, with Natsu versing Sting and Rogue head on, I really liked that one. The fight itself was most of the episode and it really left a sort of impact on me since it was then a year later when it returned. I said time and time again Fairy Tail is my favorite anime for nostalgia reasons since it was the one that got me into so many series, that fight just helps solidify it.

natsu fights sting and rogue

3: Favorite cosplay outfit?

This one is a little tricky since I do not know of a lot of cosplay, I seen some good ones for Kancolle and for Saber which I have to say were good.

4: Is there a certain anime character quote/speech that somehow impacted your life?

Joking/not joking, Shiro’s line Just because you are correct doesn’t mean you are right.” Out of context it can be funny, but it holds a lot of meaning giving it some thought.


5: Strangest anime you ever saw?

Strangest would probably Ore no Twintail, it is more ridiculous stupid than strange. Not sure what I would think of when it comes to something that is strange. That is the only one coming to mind though, other than Kampher which is another gender bender series as well.

6: Thoughts on anime (those whose plot as a whole or a specific story arc) that revolve around a real life religion?

A Certain Magical Index is the first to come to mind since it deals with Christianity being magic. Kind of sounds fictional in itself. Another being Code Geass with Luluch controlling god in a scene is season 2. Not sure my thoughts, I know they are fictional stories in the case of what they are doing, they are putting their own ideas on things, and that is fine. I believe what I want to and people can view things the way they want to.

7: Thoughts on anime that mix “silly willy” with random super serious stuff, like Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, Stella Academy Group C3, Punch Line, Mekaku City Actors or any others you can think of? Nominees who cannot think of any can skip this question. Same for #6.

I personally like it, Mekkaku City Actors was confusing and well seemed to disappoint me in the end. Punch Line I think fits what you are trying to go for perfectly since it says so much. Personally I like it since it can be both thought-provoking and well very entertaining at the same time. At the same time it feels like there are so few out there and I wish there were more since there is mostly one over the other. Also I want to check out the ones that were mentioned that I did not see.

Anyway like I said I will not nominate anyone. Thank you once again Overlord-G for the two nominations, it was a lot of fun to answer all the questions.