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So, yeah, I cannot really think of much to say here. I do remember something I wanted to say now before it is too late. With both Monster Musume and Actually I am, I am glad that they are both have gone beyond my expectations of them. I really enjoy the manga and I am glad I can enjoy the anime so much for the both of the series. I was very worried when it came to both. It seems like the only one that follows the manga closely out of any in my top five favorite manga is Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kill got an original ending, Brynhildr in the Darkness and Trinity Seven both were a little rushed in some cases. I am glad that the approach for both series have gone well at this point. So, with that said without further ado, let’s get started and as always with my weekly series this contains spoilers to the plot of the episode, however only the plot portion. Everything else can be viewed normally.

The Plot:

So the episode begins with Kimihito, (wow finally remembering his name and I have been reading the manga for soon to be two years now next month), he is cooking supper for everyone. The pot shakes a bit and when Miia checks the food a slime like creature latches onto her head. After a moment it cuts to the title.

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It is revealed that there it was a slime. Cerea of course makes an RPG joke with Slimes being the weakest creature in the game. Covered in a little bit of slime Kimihito goes to clean himself up. After a few minutes Cerea asks if it is alright for her to join him, not thinking he says yes. He washes her, and well yeah, you can guess what goes on from there with a few ecchi scenes.musume 4 2

Anyway after being embarised they hope into the tube a moment later the slime falls and reveals a female form. She pins Kimihito to the ground and proceeds to wash him. He believes that she is just mimicking what she saw in an attempt to communicate with them. Later he talks with both Miia and Cerea, since Papi is into the game she is playing. Cerea finds it odd with a slime with intelligence and a human form and believes nothing like it exists.

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The next day a similar discussions happens only this time it is about what they should do with the slime, which Papi now calls Suu. It becomes known the if they were to contact Ms Smith she might take Suu away for being an illegal exchange. Papi does not want that to happen and flies off with Suu.

Kimihito catches up and ultimately Suu lands on top of him. Papi begins playing with a few kids with Suu while Kimhito watches. A few more events happen, I will spare the details since it is near the end of the episode. But Miia and Kimihito talk on the phone. He hangs up only to open the door to find Ms Smith standing there and he was told by Miia not to show up because of that. The episode ends.


Overall Thoughts

There is not much to say, did get a little teary eyed for whatever reason towards the end. I do like Suu’s voice and I cannot wait, although it will probably be not until episode 10 when Suu talks normal. Anyway, this episode was still just as enjoyable as the others, and of course introducing a new character. I will say I do wish there was more development for the characters already here, but that is not done in the manga. At the same time I view that as a major flaw in the series. It is only now were they are really starting to go into more detail for the characters now that I assume the author is done introducing characters for a while, and even then it is doing a good job when it comes to it. The down side to this fact is not all, if any, will be in the anime. This is not apparent now, but with the first two, this one and next two weeks probably will be introducing new characters. So because of this I cannot really take away any points since there was character development for Papi’s character a little bit when it comes to dealing with Suu. So more than anything that is a heads up to people for later in this series.


Overall Score: 80/100 (I will be doing something different next week with the score with the weekly reviews)

This series is being streamed in North America by Cruchyroll and is also licensed by Sentai Filmworks.


Compared to the manga:

Monster Musume has been following the manga very closely. This episode was no exception, from now on I am going to stop doing this section unless a chapter is skipped or something different happens. This section will continue with my Actually I am review since it is more skewed than Monster Musume. If you are still wondering what chapters are covered so they have only been doing two and not skipping any.


As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe