So I’m still in Joe’s territory so I might as well do another collaboration.

So this one is going to be top five male characters of Fate.

So let’s dive in!

Number 5. Fate/Apocrypha Saber(Siegfried)

Some of you may know him others might not but it’s Saber of the Black from Fate/Apocrypha. Otherwise known as Siegfried.


Simply put, the man’s a badass of the highest order both in life and as a Servant. Why?

He killed the dragon Fafnir and bathed his blood and pretty much gained the same power that Hercules has with God Hand but better.

Armor of Fafnir cancels out all attacks lower than B ranked like God Hand so Siegfried can only be hurt by A ranked attacks. However the second part is what makes it broken and why he was killed in the first volume of Apocrypha.

When Armor of Fafnir is active, all A ranked attacks get the power of a B ranked attack subtracted out of them before registering as damage.

Translation: If A rank=10 and B rank=9, hitting Siegfried with an A rank attack is the same as this:


You see why they got killed him in the first volume? He would have ran train on everyone save Rider of the Red.

Now that you’re throurouthly softened up wth Siegfried’s awesome let’s move on to Number 4.

Number 4. Fate/Apocrypha’s Archer(Chiron)

Another Servant from Apocrypha and he’s just as much of a badass as Siegfried. It’s Archer of the Black, Chiron.


Oh my god just look at this guy. He’s just as badass. He’s the centaur Chiron but since the Black Team didn’t feel like just screaming his identity at their enemies they summoned him fully human to disguise him. Unfortunately some of his parameters got ranked down because of it. Still doesn’t matter because all of his stats are B or above except Luck.

And he’s got Clairvoyance and Eye of the Mind(True) so there’s no way for him to be caught off guard.

He kicks the butt of Saber of the Red without his bow and breaks her arm without trying. Then again what do you expect from the guy that taught nearly every major Greek Hero.

Number 3. Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero

You just got to love the guy. Then again you have to love Fate/Zero in general. It’s really the only war other than Apocrypha where things are serious and people are going all out.


Kiritsugu is the Magus Killer which basically says that he owns and beats down on classic mages because they prefer to stay in the past while he’s more of a progressive. No pride so there’s no telling what he’ll do.

Some of the greatest moves that he does in Fate/Zero are because he doesn’t go by the whole ‘Pride of a Magus’ thing. And it works for him!

He’s also the person that gave Shiro his ideals and one of the reason why Archer turned out the way he did.

Number 2. Fate/Stay Night’s Archer(Heroic Spirit Emiya)

There simply cannot be a list of the most awesome Fate guys without him.


Archer is actually the future version of Emiya Shiro from an alternate universe. He represents the potential future for Shiro, one of the many paths that he may take during Fate/Stay Night.

He’s similar to Kiritsugu in that he doesn’t have any pride. Kiritsugu has no pride as a magus and Archer has no pride as a Heroic Spirit. So that opens up a whole new case of options because neither of them are trying to live up to any type of standard.

Archer simply badass. Mostly because he’s got a good ability in Eye of the Mind(True). This ability basically allows him to read the battle and be able to make come back even if the possibility for a win are low.

And you can only get this ability from years and years of battle experience which Archer’s got spades.

And that’s not even talking about Unlimited Blade Works which is as other people call it ‘A Poor Man’s Gate of Babylon’. It has massive amounts of weapons and near infinite possibilities inside it because Archer’s been collecting weapons for years since he’s a Counter Guardian.

Similar to Gilgamesh all he needs to do is pull out the right weapon for the situation and use Eye of the Mind(True) win the fight.

Number 1. Emiya Shiro from Fate/Stay Night

I was originally going to have Shiro at number 2 but then I started to think about all the stuff that Shiro does over the course of Fate/Stay Night, Hollow Ataxaria, and Fate/Kaleid Drei. Yes I said Fate/Kaleid, be patient through Zwei.

In this order Shiro beats Archer, beats Gilgamesh, kills Berserker in Heaven’s Feel, beats Saber one on one in a sword fight, beats Kotomine in a fist fight and projects Excalibur to destroy the Greater Grail.


However the greatest part of Shiro is his development over the course of the routes. He goes from a idiot that sticks to his ideals without knowing their end in Fate. In Unlimited Blade Works he finds the truth and the end of the path that he’s walking and resolves to still stick to them. And finally in Heaven’s Feel Shiro resolves to fight for his ideals but to put the people he loves first.

He goes through a similar development in Fate/Kaleid Drei but that’s not out yet so I’m not going to spoil you. Let’s just say he has someone he wants to protect on the same level he wanted to protect Sakura in Heaven’s Feel.

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