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Well before I begin this is the start of my weekly reviews where I am going to try out a new grading system. I feel like I should do this mostly because when it comes to where I give a score I feel like it is too personal since I really like these series of manga and anime. More than likely they will go into my top 15 anime once they are completed since they are both tied for 5th favorite manga. So the grade instead of being based on what happens in terms of plot for the episode, and my personal opinion, it will be a bit more of personal opinion and enjoyment factor as well as being a letter grade to not confuse anyone since series reviews will still be graded the same. I will be coping this part in the Monster Musume review as well. So with that said let’s get started for this episode. As always this will contain spoilers for the episode so you have been warned.


Kuromine notices that Shiragami is going to school during the day, although it is a little cloudy and she is not in direct sunlight so she knows she is fine, and it was not because she over slept like she denied. It soon follows after the opening that the sun came out and Shiragami showed up with a tan since being in sunlight gives her an instant tan.am ep 5 1

With the help of Class Rep, Kuromine tries to figure out a way to get Shiragami to school during the day. This goes through several means of thinking what could be done, trying to stay to the shadows is one idea. This plan goes in motion the next day as the three start to walk to school together.

Kuromine has been looking up information on vampires lately, such as garlic, crosses, and other things that could be a vampire’s weakness. Of course they run pass all of these things while on their walk together, but they do not seem to bother Shiragami.

Then they run into a spot where there is no shadows and it is needed to be crossed to get to school. Ultimately the biggest joke for this is then made on what she could do, so I will stay away from that.

am ep 5 2

The second half of the episode is a little shorter than the first half. This is with Kuromine and Shiragami going to an amusement park together. During this time Kuromine learns a little more about Shiragami, and about her parents. One thing he learns is that she is a half vampire and half human. The other thing he learns, which becomes a lot of events in the series, is that her parents dated in high school and her mom kept the fact her dad was a vampire a secret so he could attend school. Shiragami noted it was kind of like with Kuromine only they weren’t dating. The episode nears its end with Shiragami sharing she has a childhood friend is a wolf man. The scene switches with said wolf man talking to Shiragami’s father saying that if her secret is known he has to take her back home.


Overall Thoughts:

When it comes to this episode, there were not many funny funny moments, yes there were funny moments. I do love the chapters they used. The amusement park one was an important plot point since it was working on several aspects that will be important as the series progresses. The dealing with the sun problem was also important as a whole as well. This is mostly because it now allows Shiragami to be able to go outside without the sun bothering her. There has been some changes from the manga into the anime version. This episode is probably one of the better examples since Class Rep was not present in the manga while trying to help get over the sun. At the same time they have not forced Mikan to make more appearances than she already does, she appears less, but Class Rep and Shiragami are always present.


Score: B


Compared to the manga:

As I said Class Rep was not in the first half originally in the manga. Other than that mostly everything that happened did happen in the manga.



As always I am curious to know what you thought of the episode.  I hope you enjoyed. Also what do you think of my new grading system for weekly reviews?

– Joe