musume title 5

Well before I begin this is the start of my weekly reviews where I am going to try out a new grading system. I feel like I should do this mostly because when it comes to where I give a score I feel like it is too personal since I really like these series of manga and anime. More than likely they will go into my top 15 anime once they are completed since they are both tied for 5th favorite manga. So the grade instead of being based on what happens in terms of plot for the episode, and my personal opinion, it will be a bit more of personal opinion and enjoyment factor as well as being a letter grade to not confuse anyone since series reviews will still be graded the same. Besides that I do not have much to say other than the reminder that I am getting rid of the comparison to the manga portion unless there is something that did not happen in the manga in the anime, so far this series has followed it in order in terms of events so there is no real need as of right now to go over it. So without further ado, and me saying that like always spoiler warning, let’s get started. Also I am fairly certain Deven is happy since Mero-sama made her appearance.

The Plot:

The episode begins with Miia, dressed as a general. They start there plan with trying to figure out how they can make sure Ms. Smith does not find out about Suu since she is considered an illegal exchange student.  Before anyone can act the house starts to get renovated. Before long the trio of monster girls make there way to the park only to realize they left Kimihito behind.

musume 5 1

(I should add at this part that there was a tornado warning in my area, so everything was written the day after I saw the episode, so the plot will not be covered as indepth as normal for me not remembering all the events, rest ashured all events in the manga happened in the anime, so just read that or watch the episode to know fully what happens, then again you are probably hear just to hear my thoughts)

Anyway, things happen, as I just said I do not remember in full detail, but I remember the flower symbolism with Suu trying to take the water off of Papi and Cerea.

musume 5 2

Meanwhile Kimihito realizes that they are gone only to save a girl in a wheelchair from crashing. She said she saw where the girls went and decided to help. Later after finding everyone the girl in the wheelchair turns out to be a mermaid named Mero and is not part of the harem, I mean the exchange program and is living with Kimihito. Suu on the other hand, well Ms Smith is too busy with work so she decided that all living slimes are nonexistent since she does not get paid well.

The second half of the episode is Miia getting jealous of Mero. Mero brings up her tragedy fantasy like the Little Mermaid story and what not which is one reason why I like Mero’s character. As for all girls in this series they are all enjoyable. Anyway this is where my memory gets fuzzy since most was just Miia trying to gain attention, nearly drowning, and ultimately discovering Mero’s tragedy fetish. Anyway to make up for not focusing a lot on the second half here are some pictures.

musume 5 7

Overall Thoughts:

Like I said I enjoy all the female characters. It is rare when I do. Most of the time the character that is quick to jealousy I never like, but in this case I like it with Miia’s character. It seems to work and be enjoyable. I really like Mero since her Tragedy fantasies well be a recurring joke. Although the other characters did not get much development, which I need to ignore since harem series tend to not do much of that anyway. It was still enjoyable for the comedic parts and everything else that has come into play in this episode. This series is really enjoyable, which is why I like the manga. At the same time if you shut off your brain just a little bit about harem concepts it is still one of the better harem series out there since, one it is not a generic plot for all them gathering, two it tends to poke fun at some harem concepts and feels more meta, and lastly it is just plan enjoyable. Sure that might have sounded a little biais, but it is true. I enjoy it since I enjoyed the manga. People who did not read the manga have been enjoying it so far too, so I do not feel as bad saying this as well.


Overall Score: B

As always I am curious on what you think of the episode. Yay Mero-sama is now in, next episode Rachnera will make a brief appearance at the end more than likely. Lala has also been confirmed. Anyway enough about future characters. As always I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe