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For starters wow this series is already half way done. Also I think I am going to stop the manga comparison for this week. Might stop it all together unless you guys would like to see it again. You can either tell me on Twitter or down below.  Anyway I will probably be talking more about my thoughts on this episode, and what I think the remainder of the series might be over doing the plot as in-depth as normal.  So, without further ado, let’s get started and as always weekly reviews will contain spoilers for the episode. Other than that I hope you enjoy.

The Plot:

The Charismatic Female Pervert 2 makes her appearance this episode. I will talk more since that name does not show up till later in the manga. Anyway the episode continues right off where last weeks ended with Kuromine and Shiragami leaving the amusement park only to be stopped by Shiragami’s Wolf Man childhood friend. He begins to question if her secret was let out. Ultimately it turns out he sees the moon only to turn into a woman and not the wolf that Kuromine thought he would

There was not much in terms of events this episode. In fact After that first scene that was described the following consisted of talking to the female form, and dominant personality, Shiho. It did say dominant personality, but in the manga it did note that Shiro, the male form, is the wolf man. Shiho becomes a Wolf man, key word is man, when she sees the moon, even if it is a picture.  Not much happened other than the conversation only to end with Shiho joining the class.

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Overall Thoughts:

Well this is the half way point in the series. Well I did not yesterday that it will really feel like this series is more setting up. It feels like another season will be necessary for anything to happen. The manga, although each chapter at times can be self-contained, is a weekly series. The anime at most will probably only cover to around am ep 6 5chapter thirty and even then it still will not really feel like a defiant ending. This series will need another season that I feel in order to achieve a lot more. At least I hope. So far there are no signs of the Granddaughter from the future, as well as Class Rep’s brother showing up, both who show up in the mid-twenties to early thirties four chapters. So far the last few episodes have only covered some of the chapters in the teens and earlier. So, I have no idea where this series will go.

Now why I called Shiho Charismatic Female Pervert 2, that is her nickname, and her mom is a bigger pervert than she is. There is also the reason where that name started, and that comes from the Granddaughter from the future. However since I am not here to spoil things from the manga I will not say what it is.

Anyway now for my thoughts for the episode and not the series as a whole, it did feel a little weird since the episode consisted of just two places. More than anything this was an introduction to Shiho’s character and so not a lot of comedy happened. Much like Mikan who both appear a lot in the opening, she will not be in the series as much. She is an enjoyable character. But to me this episode did not have much humor. I do not mind when the series gets ride of the humor, since it means either a new character is focused on or something plot related is happening. In the opening, the Principle and the teacher are shown, who tend to make more of an appearance than Mikan and Shiho in the series, granted they are both focused on at the same time, but even then they will still have an episode to be focused on.

Overall Score: B- (Character development in this series is always treated well, I just wish this series was going to be longer so it would not feel like the development was taking away from the comedy)

Let’s leave it on the note that Kuromine friendzoned himself several times.

am ep 6 2

So as always I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment your thoughts on either the review or the episode down below, or on twitter to me here.

– Joe