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So once, again yeah I made it to the halfway point. Much like yesterday’s weekly review I am doing something different, sort of. This episode was very ecchi, and well me being me and having a little trouble writing about ecchi things and this episode taking some of the more ecchi scenes in the manga in terms of chapters well, the plot will be less detailed. At the end I will talk about one of the shorts that I watched. Since this series has shorts that come out from time to time that are only 3 minutes long. So, as always spoiler warning and without further ado I hope you enjoy.

The Plot:

So the first half covers Miia shedding her skin, similar to a snake. Since she burned her hands, well Kimihito had to do it all. That pretty much summed everything up in the first half of the episode. Hopefully you saw the episode before reading this, but it is true. That was all that happened. Also Kimihito went into what I deemed Cool Guy Mode, which is when you can see his eyes, several times that half. Also Miia being seen cooking started as a joke this episode.

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So the second half of the episode Papi reveals she is about to lay an egg. The girls get angry and beat up Kimihito only to find out it is an unfertilized egg. Right after announcing that a suspicious man, and ultimately a con man shows up saying he is making a documentary. More ecchi things happen as he tries to film the girls and is ultimately caught by Suu who can read minds apparently.  That summed up the episode. Then Rachnera is seen tying up the con man.

musume 6 6

Overall Thoughts:

For starters they skipped a chapter and will be covering that in the next episode. Anyway, despite these being two of the ecchi-est chapters to date, the other being chapter 20 I believe and one that will not be in the anime, anyway despite this, it did not bother me. It did bother me the fact I left my bedroom door open, which is typically the first failsafe I use. Anyway even in the manga these chapters always slightly bothered me, but this is the extreme on how ecchi this series gets. At the same time there was some good character development for both Miia and Kimihito in some form. Mostly Miia in the first half. Kimihito was also seen to be able that he was studying up on all the species in order to help them properly. So this series did that and kept up the fact that the ecchi-ness does not get in the way of anything, unlike some series where it gets in the way of a fight or serious moment, since this series has no real fights or serious moments being a comedy. It also is able to hold its own and be comedic without being ecchi unlike other series. Although this is one of the series where I like all the female characters, the more episodes that go by the harder it is. I find myself liking Suu more all of a sudden with this episode, and who knows what could happen next time with it being Rachnera and Ms Smith focused.

Score: B-


Thoughts on the Shorts:

            I only watched the first one. I decided to hold off till more come out. You do not miss anything if you watch it, since it is a short little things, with the first episode focusing on Miia doing a few things that she would normally do. So, if you see it or not nothing will be missed, much like most shorts. Although some serve as a fan service, this had none, really.

As always I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to tell my your thoughts on the episode down below or on twitter.

– Joe