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Well we are now seven episodes in, I have still yet to gone back and read the manga and what not to get of an idea how they will end this, I have a feeling, but I am uncertain about it. Anyway with that said there is not much to say here and ramble on like I normally do. So as usual with my weekly reviews it will contain spoilers for the episode.

The Plot:

This episode introduces the demon principle, who also happens to be Kuromine’s teacher’s great-great-great grandmother. She actually makes a lot of appearances in the manga, and is at times sort of the instigator for all the problems that occur. So besides that time to actually talk about the episode.

Shiho is teasing and making Kuromine nose bleed. Mikan takes pictures, but as I said she is never really around so after that scene she is not seen for the rest of the episode, but Shiho is seen on again off again. Anyway when Kuromine catches up to Shiragami he starts to wonder what other secrets are in the school, he knows of the vampire, alien, and now wolf man. He begins to question it as a girl with demon horns walks by. Both dumbfounded by this Shiragami and Kuromine start to follow her around.

Eventually stopping her the two talk for a little bit. She introduces herself as Akane Komoto, and the two believe that she is the little sister of their homeroom teacher. She acts all innocent till Akira Komoto, the teacher in question shows up, and yells at her, which reveals what I said earlier about the grandmother thing.

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The four then start talking in the principal’s office. At first Shiragami does not believe that the principle is several millennia old. The principle already knows about the secrets about Shiragami and everyone else, she did approve of them to go to the school. Anyway the two fight and before long the two decide to prove who is more adult in a “Sexy Contest” I mean the episode is called “Let’s get Sexy” so it had to happen at some point.

Besides the one causing the most nose bleeds to Judge Kuromine being host Shiho and the other putting up a pathetic effort. The contest ends, until the Russian Roulette Puffs come out. Which while the two does that. Kuromine and Akira talk for a bit stating that she hopes he can keep Shiragami’s secret.

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Overall Thoughts:

For this episode, well as much as I like the principals character, it really goes to show for knowing this episode covering her first appearance is that it was not really funny compared to all the other events. I think this is one of the draw backs to reading the manga before watching the anime is that one you know what happens and can see the changes. At the same time in terms of comedy series if one of the characters is a major component for their humor, that can be a drawback since you are revisiting some of their humor. Even if the humor is well done, you are currently experiencing a higher level compared to what is being shown. Despite this I did find this episode mildly entertaining since it was a nice refresher on how it all began and seeing how much has changed for the character to the point where the manga is now.  Well, since it looks like at least from the opening and the fact that it does not look like any of the other characters in the series have voice actors assigned to them, it is safe to say that they are done with the point of adding characters and go to the main aspect of the series, the humor. It should be interesting what happens next in the next five episodes.

Overall Score: B

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As always if you I would love to hear your thoughts for this episode. Be it down bellow or on twitter.

– Joe