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For starters I just want to say I just realized I have been reading Monster Musume for over two years now. Sure I have been reading Fairy Tail for two years as well, but Monster Musume just came out of nowhere for me for reading it and I just stuck to it. In all honesty if I reevaluate my top 10 manga, or even top five for that matter it is probably at the third spot at the least. It is a guilty pleasure that I really enjoy and the anime is bringing that more and more to light. I will not be surprised if by the time the anime is done I would need to reevaluate my top 10 as well. Anyway, enough of that chatter and the clear fan boy of this series talking lets actually focus on the episode. As always spoilers for this episode.

The Plot:

This episode was really told in two parts. The first part was focusing on Ms Smith’s squad as they deal with Orcs holding hostages. There cannot really be much to say for this episode since I just summed up that half right there. The signs of the Exchange Species Bill came to light since Police could not do anything without fear of getting arrested for themselves. Then Ms Smith’s group takes the stage, consisting of an ogre, cyclops, zombie, and a doppelganger.

The second half deals with Rachnera, sometimes Rachnee. She is a Arachne. She kidnaps Kimihito after what happened in the previous episode with the director and since he was in charge of her, she escaped and wanted to learn about Kimihito if that was really an act of bravery or if it was all just an act. The two talk, well I will leave the pictures show some of the events. It seems like it is easier since compared to the Yamada reviews not a lot of events happen and can easier be explained since most are just conversations. Any by the end Rachnee joins the group.

Overall Thoughts:

As a reminder I did say one problem with the series is that they introduce a lot of female characters, this is really apparent in the anime that not all the characters get a lot of time to focus on them. At the same time it is still managed well. In the manga typically a handful of chapters pass before someone is introduced. Although now in the manga it has been over ten chapters since the seventh one came into play. Anyway in this episode I do not mind it so much.

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The first half dealing with Smith’s squad really showed how new the whole Bill is and the program itself. It really shows how the world is currently operating with this new part added to it suddenly, even though the bill has been around for 2 years at the point in the anime. At the same time the creator has gone a different route with monsters and not going with a devil, vampire, succubus, witch, a second witch, and ice woman, I am really busting on Rosario Vampire right now, as well as cat girls. I really like that it has been a bunch of random ones and is not just ones that you would expect, since so far it has not been any that would be suspected for the next character in the series. I think that is where it excels the most in that terms is that it does take into account to the world around it at random times with some of the events that happen as well as what character could appear next this episode really demonstrated it to its full ability almost.


 Overall Score: B (Still cannot deny the fact character development for other characters is important and it is not always about new characters)


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– Joe