So, yeah, wow, this season is already half way over. Of course it is a bit more than the half way point. Much like last season where I talked about the shows I was watching and what not. I will do the same thing again. First going over what I did for my first Impressions then what ever else I am watching. I will be using the English names out of convenience. So heads up on that. As for the shows, even though I will say this, I am curious on your thoughts for all the ones I talk about, and even ones that I have not mentioned since some might be worth going to watch at a later date.

The Shows I did First Impressions for:

Classroom Crisis: Figured I would start with this since it is one of the three shows I dropped this season. To me this one is just way too boring. Episode one was meh, episode two was info dump after info dump. Then Episode three showed some, but not a lot of promise, so ultimately I dropped it before I got too fed up with it, and I was fed up with it after episode one too. However if you are still watching this series, I would like to know your thoughts on if it got better and would it be worth trying to catch up now since I clearly do not see myself doing that for any reason.


God Eater: Despite the show being on again off again seemingly and is only on episode 5 now, I do enjoy it. If I knew more about the games I might be a little more interested. Game based anime never go too well. Not sure how people who feel the games feel about this series. The CGI is a little bothersome at first. Overall I like it, it may not be my favorite this season, but it is okay.

god eater rage

Snow White with the Red Hair: I do enjoy this series, despite my struggles with watching it. First there was that problem with episode 3 having episode 4’s audio, so I waited a week to watch both. Then again once episode 6 rolled around I forgot to watch it again. So, not sure if I will stick through this whole series. I do like it, just still not sure if I will keep it if this keeps up. Plus those two are my OTP of the season.

otp summer 2015

Castle Town Dandelion: This series is enjoyable. I really like it. Akane I did say she could be best girl this season, well she has potential, it is just the series does not use her as the main character as often. One problem is the large cast so not every episode is focused around just a certain character. I do like it since you can see the daily lives of the characters and their role so it is interesting. Will keep this.


Old Season Impressions:

Shogueki no Souma: Still watching it and enjoying it. There is not much to say other than that. Since I still look forward to it.


Rin-ne: The new Op I just do not like. Sometimes when I do not like the op I find it hard to watch a show. This is no joke since I never skip the op. However I have to with this second half and well I am still an episode behind from the recent one. Still stand my ground when I say if you liked Inuyasha you will like this series since the source is by the same person.


Weekly Reviews:

As I said last season with Yamada, if you would like to know my thoughts on both Monster Musume or Actually I am, it would be best to see the latest episode reviews for both series respectably.

musume 7 7


Everything Else:

Gate: I think next to Monster Musume and Actually I am this is one of the two other shows that are my favorite this season. There is the fatasy element and everything else that makes me really enjoying it. I will say if you are interested in watching it, this show is 2 cour and well the first episode and second can be a little boring. It should be interesting what comes about in the second half.


Charlotte: This is the other series. The first episode was not the greatest. I was really complaining and worried, kind of glad that after that the series really picked up. I still have my problems with the main character, but other than that the show has been good so far. Nao is also best girl this season.

burger time nao

SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes: Well out of all the shows currently airing this one I question why I watch it. I thought it would be similar to Seitokai Yakuindomo but I was wrong, so very wrong this goes beyond the simple s*x joke to a whole new plan of existence, between word play and clear so very near s*x scene at one point this show is not for you if you don’t like that, somehow I have managed. Also watch out for Love Nectar.


Dragon Ball Super: I like it, and am enjoying it. Despite that animation problem in episode 4 I think other than that the show has had little problems.


Symphogear Season 3: Well I am currently also rewatching season 1, and I am glad on how much I can now tell the change of characters. This show has changed a lot in the three seasons and for an original series to keep going on is good. Dog Days for me lost plot after one season and just turned into just playing around. It is good to see an original series last several seasons and still can get better over time. Also that is the only Symphogear related picture from this season and one that was not Chris fan art that I could find on my computer.

bored to death

Non Non Byori Repeat: Still just as good as season 1.

doesn't care

To Love Ru Darkness Season 2 (Season 4 total): I am uncertain at this point. The episodes come out at random, and well I sort of have not watched past episode 3 yet. This series was my first ecchi series and I guess with the fact I am struggling to watch now is a sign I changed my old ways when I first got into anime. But I will try to catch up.


Bikini Warriors: Originally I watched this show to pass time after Monster Musume, but it stuck around. For a 3 minute short it does do something right making fun of RPGs.


Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Season 2: Still has problems like season 1, but still an enjoyable series. I also still do not like the character down below, also this show tends to focus on some characters way more than others. The ones in the first episode of season 1 felt as if they have had yet to get any limelight this season. Although of those three only one I like. The one below is the farthest from it.

I still don't like her

Fate/Yuri….I mean Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!: Just like the seasons before it where it bothers me yet I watch it anyway since it does something right.

the mask

School-Live: Moe Apocalypse, I don’t think I need to say more.

food time what ever number this is

Gatchaman Crowds Season 2: Bird Go.. also I don’t really like how they are focusing too much on the new characters and all the characters from the previous season feel like they are not important. In fact I need to catch up and am two or three episodes behind. But I was like that with season 1, so I don’t have much worry.


Late Pick Ups:

Wakaba*Girl: An 8 minute short that is cute and a little relaxing to watch.


Aquarion Logos: Well if you see my twitter this is one show I love to make fun of with some of the lines being able to be taking out of context. This series has no connection to the other two. At the same time I find the plot a little interesting yet a little lame. It is a major love hate relationship with this show, but I can easily see myself lasting the 27 episodes it will have. Since I actually look forward to watch it. Also did not want to try to find the picture with the line “What is wrong with a three-way.”


Himouto! Umaru-chan: Besides the little sister reminding me too much of my own brothers and not wanting to do anything. I do like this series. It is enjoyable and has its own charm to it.


Dropped Shows:

Rokka no Yuusha: Just got bored of it. Everyone says it is amazing and all, but even in episode one I was not really impressed. I lasted 4 episodes, but I had no urge to go back after that. I do like some of the characters, although just two I don’t think it is enough to bring me back to the show any time soon. I am wondering how it is doing so if you are still watching please tell me your thoughts.

Overlord: It was interesting, but even then I still did not hold onto it. It was getting good. It just was not enough to keep me invested in it. Again like the other series I dropped if  you are still watching it please tell me your thoughts.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts either here or on twitter. I hope you enjoyed.

– Joe