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For all intended purposes instead of using the English title for the rest of the review I will simply say DanMachi. It is also known as Familia Myth, but still DanMachi is easier and quicker to type. So despite the fact that this is coming out over a month after I said I was getting out, but I have taken a different approach to reviews, and that is plan out which ones I would like to do, then ask Twitter either the day before or of when I want to get it out. That way I get to do a series I would like to review, and you guys get to choose which one comes out. I did this with the Ben-To review. More than likely will do it for reviews to come. Anyway enough about all that, let’s get started in this Fantasy Comedy that seemingly was a popular choice from the Spring 2015 season.

The Plot:

In the town in which the series takes place there is a large dungeon, spanning down so many floors. The gods have descended and formed contracts with humans. Hestia formed one with Bell. Bell inspires to be an adventure, one that makes a living slaying monsters in the dungeon and exploring it. With his goal to be stronger he gains friends, enemies, and tries to get closer to the girl he admires.


I don’t normally do this, but trying to explain the plot for this series is a little tricky. Since this series has a title that one could assume could be a harem series, it is not. Bell does want to get closer to the girl, and may be surrounded by one. But the series puts more focus on the fantasy and action elements, that there is no real sign of a harem but some slight romance elements.


The Characters:

Bell Carnell: He is the main character. He has an ability that makes his exp growth rate go faster depending on his goal and how his heart is set. Since he wishes to be stronger to get to Aiz level, he grows at a faster rate. Half way through he gains ability upon level up. He at times can be really goofy and innocent but strong-willed. At the start of the series he is the only member of Hestia’s familia (in the light novels several characters join by when I assume the anime end although nothing was mentioned).

Hestia: The resident loli goddess that took the internet by storm with her ribbon. But since that had nothing to do with the series she is a goddess in love with Bell and looks after him any way she can. She is also the jealous type in some cases. Because Bell is the only member of the familia, she is often seen working random odd jobs to pay off expenses.


Aiz Wallenstein: Besides being best girl, although it is hard to say with Lilly having the ears and tail combo of cute fluffiness. Anyway, she is one of the strongest adventures at level six. She is known as the Sword Princess. At times she can be seen as a little bit of an emotionless airhead, but she is very kind and eventually gains interest in Bell after she saved his life and he ran off.


Overall Thoughts:

Much like most people who were either interested since it sounded like a harem or were turned away since it sounded like a harem, I was glad it did not turn into one despite sounding like one. I really like the concepts that they used. It made it feel like a mixture of a fantasy rpg, with the level up system and that aspect. I think doing something like that was a real change of pace, since it was clear that they were not in some sort of video game, unlike other statsseries with fantasy elements and video games, SAO and Log Horizon, where they are more focused on those aspects. With the creatures, especially the final monster boss that was fought in the series it is amazing what has happened, and how powerful people can become with the use of their abilities, magic, ect. As well as how different the monsters can be and things like that. Yet there is one major flaw that I can think that this series has and that is it builds up a lot. A vast majority of the series is about build up, while the last four episodes is finally giving in and showing some real action. A second season would be amazing for this series, that is all I will say for that part. Yet with the slow build up it felt like this show should have been longer than it really is, and it feels like that is where the major flaws rely. But that is only if you are looking for entertainment, which is important.


Bonus and Minus Points:

– The passing is a little weird, as I said it is a slow start

+ The buildup is worth it, which I am super grateful for

+ All characters get well-developed over the series, even side characters that do not play that much of a role, and I am not talking about a small scene, but a good chunk of an episode for their development.

– It is a little unclear where the series could go at times, with Bell wishing to get stronger to be with Aiz as well as the Freya scenario that does not play as much as a role as I thought it would.

– There is no real over arching story, or at least not a clear one other than the previously mentioned first half of that last one.

+ The action scenes are well done, especially the episode the Juggernaut as well as the final episode being well done.

+ Well placed hype when the series finished.

? Still love that opening


Overall Score: 85/100 (There is a lot of buildup, which can take away from the action but the character development and the rewarding aftermath of the buildup make it worth it)

If you like fantasy action series, this one might be worth checking out.


Danmachi is licensed by Senti Filmworks in North America and was streamed by Crunchyroll.

As always I am curious about your thoughts on this series, if you have seen it.

– Joe