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Well this episode can be summed up fairly quickly so most of this will be focused on personal thoughts of the episode and thinking about the manga chapters that it relates to, since I remember them being up there for some of the more funnier chapters. Overall I will probably focus on my thoughts about anime and manga version of this series. So, there may be little spoilers not sure.

The Plot:

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This episode like I said could be summed up rather quickly. The first half deals with the gang trying to cook curry for a class. At one point of their cooking experience Class Rep ended up making a chocolate cake. One thing lead to another and the Principle got her hands on that cake. This was only a minor part of the first half. But it was enough that the second half revolved around the principle wanting more of the chocolate that Class Rep made and if she does not get any a meteor will hit the earth.

Overall Thoughts:

I will talk more about my thoughts comparing it to the manga later. Anyway this episode was a little odd. It was clear that they needed to do something in the time they were given so there was some still frame scenes in both halves. Although it was necessary in order to pass time it was a little odd. I am fine with it, it was just that it felt like of the, 20 minutes, since you take away about 3 for the opening and ending, you would take away another minute and a half for the still frame scenes. I may be exaggerating, and not one hundred percent sure on how much time passed when it came to the still shots. It was just a little weird.

The episode overall felt a little empty at times. It is hard to explain exactly what I feel for it. It felt like it was either going too slow or too fast, and it is hard to really say or explain this unless you see the episode.

At the same time, despite the flaws I feel that this episode had, there were still a few good moments and things that should be remembered. Class Rep did not know the Principle was a devil until it was mentioned and she was confused. Class Rep and Shiho both do not know that the other is an alien and wolf man respectively. I like how it was still shown that neither could tell, and that it does show that not all the characters know what is happening at times since there is room for them to learn things about each other. Plus I don’t think that the Class Rep and Shiho had a scene together yet for very long.

Anyway, even Mikan got a little screen time, since it really feels like a vast majority of hers is in the opening. It is nice how they are building up her character, still show that she has the god of fortune in training in her glasses and things like that.

Overall Score: C

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Thoughts on Anime compared to the manga:

After watching this episode a part of me felt a little disappointed. Reading the manga these two chapters it took this from I remember laughing so much at. I really enjoyed it. Perhaps it is because I know what was happening that made this episode less enjoyable, but that has not stopped me in previous points in this series, or in the other weekly series I am doing since I know the manga even better than this one for that series. I think that is always a downside with reading the source beforehand, since it can take away from your experience. Personally I do think this episode did work better in a manga format since they did need to make something happen and still frames were the best option. But it is not always like that for this series, or any series for that matter. So where ever happens next it should be interesting for what it feels like was better the source or the anime.

As always I am curious about your thoughts for the episode and for the review too. You can either say them here or on twitter.

– Joe