creative award

So, well how do I put this? I story of put off working on this post for a while, partially because I forgot to and the other being not sure when I should post it. Because of that now I have been nominated this three times. So consider this the only post I will do for it, at least for now.

Anyway enough about that short ramble. Thank you Krystallina from Daiyamanga, Ka-chan from Ka-chan Anime Reviews, and Yuri Overlord Og-man from Yuri Nation for this nomination. I will say there is no way I can think of a total of 45-60 people to nominate for this, so I will nominate as many people as I can think of. So the rules.

The Rule Are:

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

Share 5 facts about yourself. (I am doing 15 since I want to do it since I was nominated 3 times)

Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.

Notify the bloggers you included. (probably will on twitter, since a lot will be on there, but most will be on blogs if I cannot get to you on twitter either)

Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!


– I am not sure on the exact time I got into anime. I say it was in January of 2012, but it might have been in December of 2011 since the show I was watching at the time I did not know was an anime. After finishing it I watched more anime series. There is also the summer of 2011 where I was rewatching Digimon. For the sake of making it easier I say January. If I counted that summer then I would have been watching anime for 4 years now.

– The one is obvious. Since I bring it up often and did a post on it. But my hobby is a secret. There is also the fact that I did not mention is that I do not want my siblings getting into it since this is my hobby and my hobby alone.

– My favorite voice actress is Suzuko Mimori, she did the voice of a lot of my favorite female characters from Umi on Love Live to Nanami on Kamisama Kiss, and I what to say about five or six others.


– Despite me knowing a lot of characters having the same voice actor and can tell rather quickly, I do not know any voice actors names without looking them up.

– Ken Akamatsu is my favorite mangaka, but none of his manga is in my top five favorite manga. He is the author of Love Hina, Negima and UQ Holder.

– I am only now realizing a vast majority of my favorite female characters wield swords, Saber, Akame, Setsuna from Negima, Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (yes I know it is a scythe, but in the third series it can turn into a sword as well) and a few others.

– I question way too much on how I keep my hobby a secret with well over 50 volumes of manga hidden in my bedroom.

– Out of all my favorite manga only one is in my top five for anime series and it is mostly for nostalgia reasons.


– I believe an anime can be your favorite even if it is a bad or average series and the same goes for manga as well.

– I post a lot of reaction faces on twitter and not any spoilers of series really.

– I have no idea what my favorite genre of anime is now. When I first got into anime I would say harem for favorite series. I have been watching a lot of comedy series, but it is hard to say if I would consider that my favorite genre.

– This year was the first year I watched an actual Idol series. That being Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, but I did not complete it till the second season aired, so I considered Love Live as more as the first since it was completed within a week.

– There are several bloggers that I view as a “Senpai” but I am too embarrassed to admit it to them, and now saying this for the first time I am actually realizing that I really do view some as a Senpai in blogging terms. If they ask me I probably will still not tell them.

– I keep saying I will watch a Gundam series, but still have yet to.

– It is very rare for me to swear or use any words that I deem as swear words, since I was raised not to use them, sometimes reading them or hearing them bothers me a lot depending on the context. (I really could not think of the fifteenth one on the top of my head.)

Alright so the nominations:

Before I list them, I just want to say two things. The first I am sorry in advance if you were already nominated several times. The other being although I know you might not do it, I still would like to nominate you since I know turn down award things like this and I am fine with that. Still, this is more of my way to thank you for being awesome.

That is easily the most people I ever nominated. I am so glad I created that list of bloggers on twitter or this would be a lot harder. Anyway, again thank you for nominating me Krystallina from Daiyamanga, Ka-chan from Ka-chan Anime Reviews, and Yuri Overlord Og-man from Yuri Nation for this nomination.

As always please, even though most of the people checking this out are bloggers I nominated, but to check out the blogs that maybe you have not heard of.

– Joe