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With now only 3 episodes left it is starting to get harder and harder to determine where exactly they will finish this series. I have a feeling I know where, but what else will they do in that time before that little arc is beyond me. A part of me hopes it will somehow continue on and it just was not known that it would be more than 12 episodes. But oh well, time to get started. As always there may be spoilers since this is a weekly episode review and focuses on the episode itself.

The Plot:

Kuromine’s friends, who I am only now realizing how much they were in the early chapters and wow they are hardly ever around later on, the convince him to try to ask Shiragami out on a date to the pool. Of course when he does it backfires and everyone goes to the pool.

While they are there it is revealed that Shiragami and Kuromine are not the greatest swimmers so they go and practice. Kuromine is just not good in general, while Shiragami is not good in moving water since it is a vampire’s weakness.

Anyway flash forward a bit after their practice the two decide to sneak into school at night to practice. Shiragami brings up the fact that both her parents ended up doing that since they themselves did not know how to swim well. They also went to the same school as them. The principle could be seen in her office spying on them and questioning what kind of love story between vampire and a human could tell much like Shiragami’s parents before the episode shortly ends after.


Overall Thoughts:

This series is more of a comedy, but when it turns focus onto the romance elements it really focuses on them. This episode seemingly made me forget I was watching a comedy since they focused so much on that relationship between Shiragami and Kuromine. I do love the constant reminder of the parallels between Shiragami’s parents and her own relationship now, which is always present every now and again much later in the manga too. It is even funnier since as of right now it is only going off of Kuromine’s view of what they could look like and not what they really do.  Anyway, I really like how they put a lot of focus on the romance this episode which helps set this away from being a harem and serves as a good reminder that this show at times is about their relationship and what revolves around it. I think this is where this episode really steps away from most of the others since it served as a major reminder of that.


Overall Score: A (really loved the fact they broke away from the comedy for this episode and focused on the romance element)

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My weekly reviews have been a bit on the shorter side lately, I am fine with it, I was just wondering if everyone else was? Also as always I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode.

– Joe