So this is a little awkward, guess who forgot to do this. Normally I do it on the first, and did plan to get this out after the weekly reviews were done for the week, but I was too busy seeing that school started. So anyway I just have a quick question to everyone before I begin.

Would you want me to do an update a month, every two months, or keep it how it is and every three months like it already is? That way I can know what to do ahead of time, for the next update come December. It feels like doing it once a month I can put more focus onto what will happen that month and have a better idea compared to 3 months.


So, before I begin I would like to say thank you to everyone. I think that should just be said period.


Another thing, I have an idea what to do, just not fully sure about it yet. I will know more come October. But I was thinking of doing the 30 day Manga challenge. However unlike the 30 day anime challenge where I did it daily all through February I would do it for 5 days a week for 3 weeks then 3 days a week to get through November. The reason for this is that I will be doing National Novel Writing Month. I will talk more about that later though.



Random posts, much like August was. I have had a few ideas for posts to take over Top Fives for a bit, but still do not have an idea if I should. If doing a focus on a specific series that I like and talking about it sounds interesting, please comment. I might do that.

Actually I am and Monster Musume reviews will continue. I am now back on the old schedule of uploading at noon eastern standard time and not 5.

Reviews will be handled like they have been, coming out on Sunday nights for me, Sunday afternoon I post a list of reviews I was thinking of doing and people vote for which one. So that will continue.



Like I said I will be doing the 30 day Manga Challenge. I will also be doing first impressions like I have been. Reviews will hopefully be handled the same way.

I will not be doing weekly reviews for this season, possibly I do not know yet. Since National Novel Writing Month will be all of November writing that story to reach the 50k limit is my goal. If I do decide to do a weekly review, more than likely it will be One-Punch Man. I will know more closely to October. If I do not decide to do a weekly review then I will do a full series review of One-Punch Man since I just want to do a review on it. At the same time I am thinking of starting my month break and adding an extra two weeks at the end of the month, probably not though, although it might be more than likely I will.



Like I said it is National Novel Writing Month, so this is why I would like the set up for the Manga Challenge is since I will be on hiatus for this month, I really do not want to have no posts coming out for that time. The posts for it can easily be written in a day with enough focus on the. Scheduling can be done in advance too. So I will at least have something coming out that month when I am not working on posts. I may however do a short post midway through the month to talk about National Novel Writing Month for a bit. Not sure.

No reviews will be out this month. Weekly reviews, if I do decide to do it, will not be done, which is why I want to avoid weekly reviews for this season. Unless no one minds a not going over those episodes and continue on after November. I might do that, only if One-Punch man turns into a 2 cour series. I won’t mind doing that then. But if it is single cour, then I won’t do the weekly review.


So, hiatus in November is a major part of this update. More than likely I may start that hiatus two weeks before the break to put a lot more focus in my other story, the one I want to publish, since I will not be working on it in November to focus on Nanowrimo (the abbreviation of that long name).


So a lot to come, sort of. I hope you enjoy what is coming up. Next update will probably be a single one in order to Celebrate the One Year Anniversary in December.

Any questions, thoughts on the above, or anything really about the blog in general feel free to comment. Good and bad feedback is always appreciated.

– Joe