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So, before I get started there might be a small rant about this, mostly comparing the manga to the anime and what not. So, with that heads up you have been warned. I will do my best not to rant too much though. So yeah, not much other than that to say other than spoiler warning.

The Plot:

So this episode starts off with Shiragami and Kuromine going out to eat sweets with Kuromine’s friends. While there it turns into the cream puff eating that Mikan makes in order to protect Shiragami’s secret. Kuromine’s friends notice he is clearly hiding something that deals with Shiragami and how he will not tell them. They acknowledge it must be important so they leave it be.

The following day Mikan loses her glasses. She does bring up the fact that she only wears it for show so she can go into Heathen Queen mode. Everyone helps in the search and ultimately the principle was the one that stole them. A few jokes are made. (It is getting a little tricky with this show since it is a comedy and I do not want to go into too much detail)

am ep 10 3

The final half deals with Mikan explaining to Class Rep the importance of the glasses and how they were a gif from Kuromine when they were little. She also brings up the fortune god that resides in them. By the end, after several comedic events the fortune god accidentally confesses for Class Rep.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode felt a little rushed and chaotic and trying to cover way more than it should have in this episode. The same time this helped me realize more that there are some parts in the manga that should be left out since it does not work well in anime format. This series does not have many parts that go more than a chapter, so doing two parts is reasonable in an episode doing any more can seem chaotic. This episode is the perfect example of that. At the same time it really helped open my eyes on what I forgot in the earlier chapters. I know a few reviews back I did say I am going to aim to reread some, but I never got around to it. Anyway I am going to stop now before I talk more about my slight frustration on how this episode was portrayed.


Overall Score: C (D would feel like my frustrations really got the better of me if I did give that score)

am ep 10 4

So, how did you feel about this episode? This one was on the shorter side, but I do not mind with weekly reviews.

– Joe